Oticon Chili programming Shoes/Boots

What kind of programming Shoes/Boots are used for the Oticon Chili?
Is it the kind that fit the Oticon Sumo (390-01-320-04)?
Or, is it the kind that fit the Epoq and Vigo (399-50-530-08)?
Or, is it some other kind?

I think I found the answer to my question by looking at the Oticon Amigo R12 FM receivers…
Amigo R12 is the world’s first ear-level receiver for hearing aids using battery size 312. The receiver fits perfectly with the Oticon Safari, Agil, Chili, Acto, Ino, Get, Epoq, Vigo and Hit BTE hearing aids. Available in 13 colours matching the hearing aids.

If the FM receivers fit EPOQ, and they also fit Chili, then it must be the Epoq Shoes/Boots (399-50-530-08) which I already have. :slight_smile:

Where did you get your Epoq Boots?

I’m embarrassed to say I forgot where I got them. I have bought so many things online that I can’t recall??

ETA: I sent you a PM

I did personally confirm/verify that the Oticon programming shoes/boots that are used to program the Oticon Epoq and Vigo also works to program the Oticon Chili. This fact is also stated in an Audology Online course titled Introduction to Oticon Chili Super Power.

what boots are needed for the TEGO, spirit3, synchro?

anyone knows where can I buy them?

I don’t know exactly. But here’s a couple of clues in the form of PDF file downloads:
Clue 1 Tego- Datasheet

Clue 2 Guide to Audio/FM shoes (similar, but different from programming shoes)

Wherever you can get them. Look in the same places you buy cables, Hi-Pros, and other stuff. Though, legacy products may be tricky to find.

Halo mr.
are you have shoes Module program for Oticon Spirit Zeis C SP and OTICON DYNAMO SP10?

I sold all this old stuff years ago (except for the CS44 cables and mini pro which I still have);