Oticon Bluetooth pairing is flakey

I hove Oticon “Real 1 miniRITE R” hearing aids, and when they work they are fine. But pairing them to my iphone is a pain in the rear. Sometimes they won’t pair at all. Sometimes only one pairs. Turning Bluetooth off and then on sometimes works. Sonetimes turning the hearing aids on and off works. Sonetimes I have to restart my iPhone. This is rediculous. Anyone else have the same problem?


You are describing the reason I walked away from Apple and IOS and went to Samsung galaxy S23 phone. I was having your issues. To be honest I don’t believe it is an Oticon issue, I believe it is Apple’s screw up.
I have the Real1 aids and the More1 aids as my backup set of aids. I place either set of aids in my ears and they are connected to my phone. But only my Real1 aids are connected to the companion app by default. I can live without the app most of the time.

its a problem across all manufacturers

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