Oticon Alta Pro warranty

Being a newby to HA have some issues with communicating with my Audio person. Is the warrantly only good at the location that you got your HA or can you go to another ENT that has the Oticon Brand and perhaps find audio that you can work with ? Having issues with the molds slipping out of ears (can’t get proper fit) and then sound quality decreases…not sure what the answer is…also seem to have a big difference in quality of sound from right to left…right seems to be lower than left. Thanks

The manufacturer warranty only covers repair, loss and damage, and remakes. It doesn’t cover any professional services provided by an audiologist or hearing aid dispenser. You’re free to take your hearing aids to someone else for adjustment, but you’ll have to pay them for their time.

What is the return period your pro offers? If it is within the return period you could return it and go somewhere else.

Just to be clear about what the OP is asking, I believe the mfg. warranty is good even if you change audi’s.

Let’s say I buy a Ford and my original Ford dealer closes. My mfg. warranty is still good at another Ford dealer, yes?

As for the rest of the tuning etc. as rasmus_braun stated, you gotta pay (again).

I could not get anywhere with my first (incompetent) audi and found another @ $250 LIFETIME tuning, testing, etc. but not batteries/domes/wax guards.

So happy I left the incompetent one.