Oticon Alta Pro microphone died on right side

Oticon Alta Pro 2017

Just fixed speaker on left side,now suddenly right microphones aren’t working.
Paid 289 to fix left speaker and am worried that fixing mic on other side won’t be any cheaper.
When I close battery compartment the chimes sound lovely but nothing else works.
How much does it cost to fix it?

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The mic will have to be repaired by a Oticon repair center

At this this time during the Coronavirus crisis,those centers are mostly closed.
I can’t believe that you can’t just send the hearing aid directly to them and have them repair it and send it back .
Why do I have to go through a middleman?

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I also would like to know more less what it would cost to fix it since I don’t particularly want to spend too much money on old .hearing aids or they get something different

I have Oticon hearing aids, but my aids are given to my by the Veterans Administration due to my service related hearing loss. I personally have no choice but go back to my Audi to get my repairs done. It use to be that the aids would go to a VA facility then if they couldn’t fix the aids they would be sent to the hearing aid company for repair then back the the VA facility before getting by the the clinic I went to then to me. There was a time this took about 2 months without hearing aids. Now my Audi sends straight to the Company repair center then back and it takes less than 2 weeks. And that is why now with my hearing loss my Audi is going to get me a new pair of aids so my aids now will be a backup for those times of repairs.

Was this for RIC or BTE Alta Pro, either way it sounds excessive, you could shop around to see if you can get quotes before sending.

This is how the monopoly/cartel work, Phonak are the only company I know that will allow you to send directly to them for repairs, all the others make you send through your local audiology clinic ( middleman )

It’s time consuming and sometimes expensive, you could shop around on eBay for some OPN models, which would be a good upgrade if you want to stick with Oticon.

Not sure what those letters mean.

RIC…receiver in the canal (ear)
BTE…behind the ear
These aids look very similar but the RIC has a wire coming out of the aid with a receiver (speaker) that goes into the ear.
The BTE has a tube rather than a wire.