Oticon Alta Pro button stuck

Had these for 9 months & the right button is non responsive. It has already been established (by me - other threads) that my dispenser is on the low end of capabilities. I am 9 months into a 2 year repair warranty.

I assume this gets shipped to wherever for service, I for sure do not want her messing around with it.

Question 1: Should I send both for service? I use both side buttons equally.

Question 2: What is the turn around for Oticon?

Question 3: So I assume I go without aids for however long?

Question 4: Can I just ship it myself & cut out dealing with the dispenser?


I have never heard of anybody shipping to Oticon directly. They typically need an account number for their dispenser to bill. When I send them in, I have to put my account number with them and they return ship direct to me based on that ship to: number. When I ship to Oticon for a repair like that, I use a prepaid overnight label provided by Oticon. So they get the device next day and then they would probably take 1-2 days to fix and then they overnight it back to me, so for me (a dispenser) it takes about 5 days, not counting weekends. IF it is possible to ship directly to them, from you, I would expect 7-8 days. If you are not experiencing the problem on the second device there is no real reason to ship it in.

I was just thinking the left side is due to wear out like the right did.

Do us hearing impaired folks just “suck it up” and go without for a week?


Depends on your AuD. My patients get a loaner for the week. But not all AuDs do that. It won’t HURT to send the right side in too. But if it is working, it is likely they won’t do anything to it anyways. You can specifically request that they do a full cleaning and verify functionality of the button.

Now that I think more, I should keep the left to use while the right is gone for repair, this a common problem, button failure?


I wouldn’t say its common, but its not unheard of.

My good audi (I have a good audi & a bad “dispenser”) is overnighting it to the New Jersey Oticon repair shop. She says they will probably just swap it for a new one. She had a new real ear device (I forget the brand) and tested me & the aids with it.

It’s pretty hilarious, the machine “speaks” in a made up “language” that sounds “foreign” and graphs out the results on her computer screen.

She says I really need closed dome for best results but I get an infection (from moisture) every time I try them.

With open domes I get feedback whistle & not quite as good result for hearing.

I am sort of disappointed in the build quality of the Oticon, with the button failing after only 9 months.

That aside, they are pretty good.

Any suggestion on working around the close dome/ear infection issue?


You might want to try Eargene or Proear. They are essential oils that lubricate the ear to minimize itch. They should be mildly antiseptic. Wipe your domes with alcohol wipes to keep them clean/sanitary.

im disappointed that you are so disappointed… shit happens, probably got damp along with a slime build up. clean your ears and clean the molds daily instead of screwing around with domes.

if they are over nighting the aid what else could they have done?


I asked her (the good audi) about “drugging” my ears so I could use the closed domes & she (&I) agree that it’s better to use open domes & not introduce more drugs/antiseptics/essential oils to the problem.

It seems “my ears” just like to dry out all day long.


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I think the audi decided to agree with your opinion rather than disagree with the client. The two item aren’t ototoxic.

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