OTC hearing aids?

Hello, has anyone bought or considered buying an over the counter hearing aid? Also, what do you think of this German “invisible” hearing aid which ad is spread all over?

I’m trying to simplify a costly and complicated way of trying to improve our hearing. If anyone could give me an opinion I’d appreciate it a lot. :slight_smile:

Please provide a link or name to Google up this German hearing aid.

It depends on your loss. If you are just having a bit of trouble with TV and such, the type you are looking at should be a help. However, many of these are selling at prices that can be matched with an entry level aid from Costco or such. One possibility for a simple amplifier is eBay. Search for Siemens aids which are under $100 each – some just over $50.

I’m sorry Volusiano and thank you but I thought everybody else got this ad. So I went again to my browser expecting to see it but after looking for half hour I didn’t see it anymore! I can 't believe I’m looking for an ad when I do hate them, lol! However it’s too early in the morning as I don’t see ANY ads at all now, so it may still appear and then I’ll be sure to send you the link and if no link I’ll send you a screenshot. This is incredible to me since I saw this ad DAILY everywhere even in my soup!!! I was extremely interested in the “invisible” feature…

However, while searching for this ad I became interested in this other one because of its claims of it being “invisible” and “Fully Automatic”. I didn’t have a chance yet to look into it thoroughly but will: The virtually invisible hearing aid made from titanium!

Will appreciate yours and any others’ opinions on this one too. :slight_smile:

Hello Ken and thank you. Yes I believe, as you say, that my trouble is with TV, but also in crowded restaurants, and also when some people speak only from their head cavities instead of from their diaphragms so their voices don’t project. But I better stop blaming people’s voices and start doing something for my defective hearing… lol!

I’ll follow your advice and start trying first the more moderate priced aids since I never wore aids before. I’d love to know how the “invisible” ones work. I guess I have a lot of investigative work before buying them… Thanx again! :slight_smile:

It depends on the specific nature of your loss.
I had to give up going to meetings and social events in noisy environments because of my severe hearing loss. My Rexton Bridge P hearing aids only worked in a quiet room with one or two other people. For more than a year I have been using a Bellman Mino unit that I bought from Amazon. There’s a very good tutorial
on youtube on how to set it up and use it. I could not make the tcoil function work with my aids which was a disappointment but using the device with earbuds from the same company allow me to do many things that were impossible wearing my aids.

Invisible just mean you push them into your ear. They work for a mild-moderate loss only. How helpful they are in noise varies. They tend to have more frequent failure that those mounted outside the ear.

If you haven’t had a hearing test, you should do that to establish what will work. The more inexpensive ones are for mild-moderate.

Yes, and also I’d be afraid of losing them! But first I’ll have to take a test since I don’t recall what degree I had when I took it last year. I don’t recall it being severe, but, I’m sure it isn’t really mild either. I wonder what’s the difference between “mild” and " moderate"?

Also I’d like to see an audiologist. My insurance has just a few of them and their backgrounds (at least the ones I saw) weren’t too conducive to trust them…

But thank you very much for your good opinions. :slight_smile:

Hello ThaiDan, yes, I can understand how you feel as it’s very disturbing lacking one of the senses and it may make us withdraw into our comfort zone. I’m glad you found a way by working around it.

Are Rexton Bridge P and Bellman Mino, brands? As I mentioned to Ken I’d like to explore those “invisible” ones after I determine the degree of my hearing. Ah…the eternal feminine vanity! lol! I wear the hair extremely short so no way to hide them. But of course if the “invisible” ones won’t do, I’ll have to correct it properly. Also I like the idea of getting them over the counter so as not to depend so much on a doctor. :slight_smile:

Hello again Volusiano, just a note that finally that German hearing aid ad reappeared. I had promised I’d send you a link if I found it, and here it is:


It seems it was posted (and sold?) by Audicus. What does anyone here think of this “invisible” one? Thanks.