Ordered the Roger Select today

$1250 should get it within a few days.

I’m expecting to be like that guy in the pictures. Sitting around a large table in a noisy restaurant with everyone’s voices coming clearly directly into my ears. Or, by simply pressing the many buttons I will be able to select who I want to hear. Overall I will improve my hearing in noisy places by 62&1/2 percent and become more productive and better looking too.

Well, a boy can dream right?


Hope you like it? It’s a good device.

I trialed it but didn’t like that it didn’t have a pointing mode.

I use the Roger Touchscreen Mic instead.

I got mine yesterday - Roger Select iN. Currently sitting in a wide open room. There is someone speaking at a podium, but the mic is decently far away from their face. And, they’re moving around the room. I’m probably 20 feet away. I was struggling to hear easily and confidently, at times. I can make due but I pulled out my Select. Placed it on the table and BAM - full clarity even with them walking around. Honestly amazed at how well it is picking up this speaker. She’s an elderly woman speaking softly. This challenging listening situation - I could have done it with my Marvels alone, but using the select dramatically decreased my listening effort.

Bravo, Phonak! Just stop draining our pockets.


This sounds really interesting. Thanks for posting. Out of interest, how far from the lady speaker was your Select that you put on the table?

About 20 feet, same as me.

It’s a good device but I still find it’s challenging in noisy environments as it amplifies everything so as well as hearing the end of the table, you get a load of pot clanking, background music etc. However, I can definitely hear the far end of the table which I’d have no change without the Select.

For me it’s very useful in work conference or training sessions with people round a large table, but not so much background noise. Also links to my TV via the digital cable, happy days!

I found by lowering the overall gain on the Roger program by 6 dB and then raising the EasyGain by 8 dB on the actual receivers stopped my issue of too much background noise.

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@zebras Very few people have ventured out to get educational devices for adult use, so your experience, while helpful, is not applicable to most and potentially causes more confusion than it does help. It may be important to clarify what you’re talking about, because most people won’t know that you have an educational-only (intended) device that you use for your own purposes.

@zebra1922 - I’m not sure what hearing aid you use, but when I find that there’s too much background noise with my Rogers, it’s actually my hearing aid mics that are the issue. If I decrease the volume of my hearing aid mics but keep the same level of Roger, things become much more clear. If you use Marvels, once you are streaming this is simply the toggle up/down on the hearing aid device that shifts the balance more to the Roger device and less to the hearing aid mic. Additionally, tell your audiologist this. They have the ability to change the gain on the Select. You may be able to do this yourself, you’d have to look at the fitting instructions on PhonakPro.com. It definitely doesn’t require Phonak Target (the fitting software) to do this.


I’ll be interested to hear how it works for you. My audi and I are interviewing the local Roger guy gal on Wednesday evening to help me see if I should consider something similar, and to help her iron out the details of Roger for older Marvels vs. Marvel 2.0, and also other HAs, and so forth. I was originally interested in “poaching” from someone else’s Roger Select, but I’m beginning to think I might do better to get my own. The “someone else” and I don’t hang around all that much.

I am in the process of ordering it, looking forward.

I think there’s an option to mute HA mics by holding button to mute- if set up that way.

Thanks for sharing your experience! Would you be willing to let us know the price you paid for your Roger Select iN?


This is one amazing little device…it ought to be for the money.

Select iN average between $1300-1700 :frowning:

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Are you saying that the volume control on the Marvels won’t change the volume coming in from the Roger Select? How would you change the volume on the Roger mics? On the Roger Select device itself?

The volume toggle up increases the balance towards more sound from Roger and less from HA mics (and vice versa). This is the same for for streaming phone calls or media. If you want to increase the sound of Roger and keep HA mics the same, you can use the myPhonak app.

Personally, I find less noise from the HA mic and more from the Roger to be more effective than just raising the volume of Roger or whatever is being streamed.

This doesn’t happen with my Phonak’s.

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Well it’s how the Marvels work.

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Well, yesterday evening I visited my audi, Annemarie, and the Roger person, Peggy. They demonstrated the Roger Select iN and gave me one to play with for a couple of weeks. I’ve yet to use it for anything that much matters. My spouse will be taking me out to dinner tomorrow, so that will be its first real test.

Allegedly, I’ll be able to use it to pair with the Select my pastor wears on loan from Janis. Peggy said I should be able to do that, and not make the pastor wear two Selects around her neck. I guess I’ll find out Sunday. I have a vague feeling from what I’ve read here that it depends a bit on how old Janis’ select might be. We’ll soon see.

I did play with hooking it up to things like the TV, my PC, and my iPad. It just plugs in via a phone jack and works! That’s nice, but lugging it from one venue to another might be an issue, given that I have a mature memory, and don’t remember to carry all the necessities of life from one place to another. On the other hand, there’s the benefit of extra exercise in going back for things! :wink: One nice feature is that plugging into the audio jack on the TV didn’t cut the regular TV sound. So, my spouse can watch and hear at the same time, and we can each set volume to suit.

Allegedly, I can hook into an optical audio output on my TV for better sound quality. But my TV is too old to have one of those. There is an audio optical output on my cable box (Pace PX022ANx), but that doesn’t seem to work. It could be that I did something wrong. It’s not a big deal. We don’t much watch via the cable box anyway, more often via Netflix or BritBox, which feeds in through our DVD player.

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Now surprisingly, the audio from the Roger Select connected to a device, such as an iPad, through the little phone jack is mono. The blue tooth audio from my iPhone, on the other hand, is very much stereo. I’m guessing the “optical” connector thingie would allow stereo, but I’m not sure I want to buy a new TV just to test that feature out.