Opticon ConnectClip only streaming to one ear (previously worked fine)

Hi everyone, I’ve been using an Oticon ConnectClip for the last 6 months to stream audio from my PC to my Oticon More 2 hearing aids. It’s worked fine up until yesterday when the audio started coming through in one ear only. I’ve tried repairing all of the devices, and can get it to connect to either of the hearing aids but not both. I’m pretty sure the issue is with the ConnectClip and not the PC or hearing aids, because if I use the ConnectClip as the remote mic I have the same issue.

Appreciate any advice on how to resolve this if anyone else has encountered the same problem!

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What I am going to give you is a process to reset the connect clip, it will remove all Bluetooth connections including the aids, you will have pair the connect clip to every device you use it with.

With the connect clip powered off. Hold all of the buttons on the side of the connect clip. Watch the LEDs they will light then go out. At this time the connect clip will be fully reset. Insure the connect clip and the aids are highly charged and paired the aids to the connect clip. Then to one of the other devices to see if you have streaming to both aids. If not contact your audiologist.

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Thank you for the advice. I’ve followed those steps and the ConnectClip is only pairing with one of the hearing aids unfortunately :frowning:

So sounds like I need to contact my audiologist!

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Yes it sounds like both your aids and the connect clip needs checked out. But I believe more than likely it is your connect clip…I believe the Gene2 software can rest the aids and then your audiologist may try.to pair the aids again.

What’s worked for me is after resetting the ConnectClip, put the aid that has been pairing successfully in the charger without pairing it. Then only pair the aid that wasn’t working. Then after I will pair the other aid.


Thanks I had not thought of that possibility

Hi there thanks for the tip. I tried this earlier but it didn’t work unfortunately. I reset the connect clip then paired it with just the one hearing aid (which hadn’t been working before). It paired successfully but then when I tried to pair the second hearing aid it just wouldn’t pair…kept flashing yellow for ages. If I reset the connect clip again it would pair with the one which didn’t pair moments before, but then the same problem with the other one!

That sounds like your connect clip is the problem for sure

I have had the same problem. Owned one for 2 yrs and worked fine but then began to transmit for a number of seconds then cut out for about 10 seconds and continued that way. So i bought another one because the warranty was expired. It will only pair with one or the other aid. I might return it for a refund.

Try to take your aids to your HCP and have them clear the ConnectClip pairing on your aids using Genie 2. I’m guessing that it may even help with your first (assumably broken) ConnectClip. At least it doesn’t hurt to try (as long as your HCP is still willing to help you do it for free).

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Where is the option that you mention to clear the ConnectClip pairing in Genie 2? I found ConnectClip FAQ: https://www.oticon.com/-/media/oticon-us/main/download-center/connectclip/brochure/15555-10193--connectclip-faq---final.pdf .

The FAQ at page 3 it suggests clearing can be done in the " ‘Save and Exit’ screen in Genie 2" - text quoted below:

Can I delete the pairing between ConnectClip and the hearing aid?
Yes, in the ‘Save & Exit’ screen in Genie 2 | 2017.2. If instruments and ConnectClip need to be paired again, it must be done with the ConnectClip (outside Genie 2 session).

However, when I tried this in Genie 2 | 2023.2, I did not seen an option to clear pairings in ‘Save & Exit’. The way to do this in in Genie 2 | 2023.2 is to use the ‘End Fitting’ screen then ‘Accessories’ on the left pane. If a ConnectClip is paired a ‘1’ will be displayed under where it says CONNECTCLIP and above the image of a ConnectClip device. If you hover the mouse cursor over the image of the ConnectClip a small trash can icon appears in the bottom right of the image (not the screen). Click the trash can and the pairing can be deleted. It does not appear possible to delete a single ConnectClip pairing while keeping another (one would need to delete both or none), but I don’t have two ConnectClips to pair and test.

The FAQ at page 2 provided another solution which helped me. The aids need to be very near each other and the ConnectClip during the pairing between the aids and ConnectClip.

ConnectClip is paired with two hearing aids but sound is only coming from one hearing aid when using ConnectClip. What should I do?

Check batteries in hearing aids. Pair ConnectClip and hearing aids again (as per IFU booklet). Make sure that hearing aids are placed right next to ConnectClip (less than 8 inches apart). It is a good idea to switch off Bluetooth in the mobile phone during this process. If the aids are on your head, that is too far apart and both may not pair.

Can you give the exact page number and section number in this document you mentioned where the “clearing” the ConnectClip pairing in Genie 2 is?

Remember, we’re not talking about pairing the ConnectClip with the hearing aids, we’re talking about clearing the ConnectClip pairing in the Oticon Genie 2 software.

This is what i wad told to do by Otion rep to fix my connect clip

How to pair aids to connect clip

Oticon suggested pressing all three buttons and holding them…the light will turn white, then red. Then place the aids in the charger and turn the connect clip on and take the aids out of the charger. The connect clip will pulse yellow looking for the aids and then green when it finds them. Then they suggested to forget the pairing on the phone and re pair it through bluetooth. Once repaired they suggested to turn on the remote microphone (hold large button till the light turns pink). If the remote mic works with no problem and keeps the connection it rules out the connect clip being the problems and then we could assume its an aid problem. If the aids are connected to the phone and the connect clip is the two will fight and usually the aids will win so there is a known struggle but we can start by seeing if the connect clip is working

Yes this works

I updated the earlier post as I figured it out

Thanks. I do see it in your update now that they mentioned it on page 3. And your subsequent explanation about seeing a number 1 or 2 for the pairing, and the hovering the mouse on the icon will reveal a trash can to click on to clear the pairing is exactly on the dot.