Optical audio splitter recommendations for TV Streamer 2?

I use ReSound Preza aids with a multi mic in the office and I’m trying to set up a TV Streamer 2 in the house that will work in conjunction with a sound bar. It seemed simple enough, just buy an optical audio splitter to plug into the Samsung tv and then plug the Streamer and he Vizio sound bar to the splitter. So far I’ve tried, and returned, 3 splitters - this is the most recent one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DK8V7RF?ref_=pe_623860_70668520_dpLink

On all three, either the splitter didn’t work at all or only one output worked. I checked the cables and tried all combinations of cables and ports to no avail. I did read reviews on the items before buying them and people said the splitters worked for exactly the purpose I have. Of course there were other reviews that said they didn’t work at all. So, does anyone here have experience with an optical audio splitter they would recommend?

I don’t have any actual experience with these, but I can give you a cursory analysis as an engineer.

Were all the splitters you tried UN-powered like the one you listed? In this case, the splitter works by taking the optical fibers from the input tip (that goes into the TV or whatever source), and divides them between the two output sockets. Each output socket would produce half the intensity of the input signal.

You should definitely try a powered splitter like this one.

If you’ve already tried one like this, let me know which one(s) and I’ll think some more about it.

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This is the one I purchased for my tv, Soundbar and streamer hookup. Works perfectly.

haggis and lgbuck62 - thanks for the info and recommendations. Haggis, yes they were all unpowered so makes sense they didn’t work (why did reviewers say they did, one wonders?$) Igbuck62, I will try a powered Tendak splitter. I like that it has a 120v plugin adapter rather than a usb. Cheers.

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I’ve used the Tendak 4 in 2 Out Digital Optical Audio Switch Splitter Toslink Matrix Switcher Selector Box 4x2 with Remote Control, from Amazon, $34. It is powered and has worked perfectly for past four years.

:I purchased a Tendak powered splitter and have been using it for a week. I needed to adjust the delay on the TV Streamer 2 to eliminate echo, per included instruction booklet, and once the streamer was in synch with the sound bar it worked great. Very pleased with this setup. Thanks again.


I purchased the Tendak Digital Optical Audio listed above.
I am trying to use the toslink splitter to feed my cochlear tv streamer and a Roku sound bar.
The sound bar also has an HDMI connection to the TV for the videoo feed. The HDMI is using a non
HDMI ARC port. When the sound bar is active, the amber light on the steamer is off and no streaming occurs. When the sound bar is powered off I do get sound thru the streamer. Any help would be appreciated

I ran a toslink splitter with a sound bar and the phonak TV connector, no problems.

When I got the CI and the Cochlear tv streamer the splitter would not work. I have thought about buying the powered splitter, read it fixes this problem.

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It might work with a soundbar that is audio only ( using the optical cables only ). The issue seems to be associated with the HDMI connection.