Opn pairing to device with Bluetooth/3.5mm jack?


Hi! I have a question. I just purchased the new Opn 1 ITE, I want to use a digital stethoscope (ThinkLabs) that has 3.5 mm jack connection. Is there any bluetooth accessory from Oticon that has a 3.5 mm connection and bluetooth to pair with my Opn? Before I had a ReSound Enzo 3D that was linked without problems, with great ease to the MiniMic + that has 3.5 mm jack and bluetooth connection to the Enzo3D. Thanks for your help!

Photograph of my digital stethoscope with the MiniMic + (ReSound) that has a perfectly small and portable size, next to the Opn ITE (Oticon)



You well need the connect clip, the hearing aids only pair with the IOS devices.



To my knowledge the Connect Clip does not have a 3.5 mm input. This is a feature that’s disappearing with accessories for BT now going instead with a wireless connection. This is something I’ve been researching for my own electronic stethoscope when it comes time to update my HAs. ReSound’s Mini Mic input is a good one.



The connect clip does not have 3.5 mm jack input



Not to my knowledge.

I have the Oticon Streamer Pro 1.3A but it’s not compatible with OPN.

Just search online for “3.5mm jack to Bluetooth portable adapter”.

Plenty of cheap devices out there and also more expensive ones from Sennheiser and so on.



No but is the only way to connect the aids to true Bluetooth. Some have also issued the tv connect to do so



Took a quick look at eBay. What about a 3.5mm adapter to micro USB?



I have an MPOW BT transmitter/receiver that works for audio. It’s quite small. You’ll have to try some of these transmitters or ask Oticon what is compatible with your HAs.

Another solution is to pair a BT transmitter to the Connect Clip/ then to the HA. An extra jump but it might work.



First, is the Opn 1 ITE a wireless device that can use the Connectclip? If it is you will need a bluetooth transmitter that has a battery, and, of course, the Connectclip.

The Phonak Compilot 2 has a 3.5mm jack. I dont know if there are any other hearing aid brands that do, except, like you said, Resound multimic.

So, if this is a must have feature, and adding a transmitter is not workable, you may need to return the Oticon and let your connection requirements drive, or at least influence your hearing aid choice.

I really like the Phonak hearing aids and they are the leader in connectivity, which is important to me also.

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