Opn pairing to Connectclip to BT transmitter 3.5mm

Hi, I already bought the Connectclip so I can use it with my Opn. I want to transmit my digital stethoscope via Bluetooth (Thinklabs has 3.5 mm external input) with a 3.5 mm transmitter that I bought at Amazon. However, I don’t know how to pair my Connectclip to the Bluetooth transmitter, (I already easily managed to pair my Opn to the Connectclip).
Any help or suggestions? Thank you!

I have a taotronics BT transmitter. It probably works similarly to your transmitter. To pair your transmitter to your CC, place the CC in pair mode, then place the transmitter in pair mode. The pairing process will begin automatically.

The instructions for your transmitter should say how to place it in pair mode. It’s probably done by holding the power button on for several seconds. Give it a try and post again if you need more specific help with the make and model of your transmitter.

I noticed that it is only a bluetooth receiver, it is not a transmitter. I need to be both right?

The ConnectClip is the Bluetooth receiver. Your Thinklabs is the Bluetooth transmitter. One must be a transmitter and the other must be a receiver in order for them to pair. Usually, the transmitter has some kind of interface to confirm that it pairs with the receiver OK, like a cell phone, a laptop, a set top box, a TV, etc. I’m not sure how a transmitter interface without an video interface to provide feedback to confirm whether the pairing is successful or not should work. Maybe it has some kind of LED that would blink a certain color to indicate successful pairing.


The transmitter should have an LED that shows the status, like the ConnectClip.

Hi. Did this work for you? I am looking at getting the same set up. I have the CC already and looking at getting the Thinklabs Stethoscope.

Many thanks,