Opinions on the Phonak PartnerMic

I’ve recently acquired the Phonak Partner mic and have been trying it out, I’m not entirely sure if mine is working because it sounds mostly like wind/static. Thankfully the place I bought it from is sending me a free replacement but I was wondering if anyone has had mediocre or negative experiences with the mic? I’m hoping to use it in college lectures instead of using the bulky old FM system the disability office provides.

I’ve had relatively good experience with one when used as directed. Should be worn within 8 inches of speaker’s mouth. Range is supposed to be about 75 feet, but within a house with multiple walls, I find it’s maybe 30-40 feet.
I’ve had an issue with one going bad (couldn’t turn it off) I don’t know what caused it, but with my replacement I’m going to be careful what charger I use and not use a “Quick Charger.”

If the speaker has the PartnerMic near their mouth and you’re within 30-40 feet, I think it would do well with college lectures.

With the mic does it sound kind of like Bluetooth streaming where background noise is lessened/ most of the speech focus is on the microphone? Or is it like just slightly amplified voices but still noticeable background noise?

Turn the Partner Mic on and go into your App and see if your HAs are in the Partner Mic program as well to confirm you’re in the correct program.

My Partner Mic program is set to -10 dB but default is -6 dB so background should be a bit less.


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It won’t eliminate background noise, but voice should be dominant if close to speaker’s mouth. It is not like streaming in that streaming has a very clean source. You can also vary how much your hearing aid microphones are contributing to the sound. Increasing “volume” provides more from the PartnerMic and less from the hearing aid microphones. Decreasing has the opposite effect.

Is my audiologist able to make adjustments to the programming for the partner mic? In my app it says the program is fitted.

Have you tried using it in a different building?

I’m fuzzy on whether it can be specific for PartnerMic or just generic for streaming. For sure they can set relationship of hearing aid microphones vs PartnerMic.

Poor quality microphone, made it in my opinion, not worth it.

Not working or you’ve been given the wrong mic (old remote mic rather than new partner mic?). All of my experiences with the partner mic have been very clear. Vs the Roger On, distance isn’t as far and battery life isn’t as long, but the audio in that one on one lapel mic situation is similar.

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Yes. I’ve had mine adjusted. Can you see the program on the picture taken from Google? It can’t be deleted.

I have both the partner mic and the V2.0 remote mic.

As said above, you have to turn down the volume on your hearing aids a lot! You might be able to have your HA programed to automatically turn down the HA volume when the mic is working.

I paired my new partner mic and it works amazingly, I’m thinking the microphone connection on the previous partner mic was broken which is why I couldn’t hear anything.

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