Open Dome vs. Tulip Dome

I have previously mentioned that my hearing aid provider(Costco) is unhappy when I make suggestions on what I prefer.

Here is another that I would like comments on:

When I first went in, I told him that I was uncomfortable with previous HAs (not Costo) - CIC which blocked the flow of air through my ears and caused a build-up of pressure - similar to what I would feel in an airplane ascending or descending. I also could hear myself chewing and swallowing. I said I wanted to try the open domes - he fitted me with the tulip domes. This is very uncomforable to me, causing the above-mentioned pressure effects. My earing loss is on the borderline between moderate and severe (around - 65 across the board).

I am returning on 2/22 for my first reajustment. Any opinions on the open domes vs. the tulip domes in my situation?

Hearing Aids: Resound Future

The open domes would essentially be useless for your situation… They could only provide high frequency gain and that is pretty well it. You would not get any low frequency gain whatsoever.

That said, the tulip domes are not the most comfortable to wear due to their size/construction.

Based on the fact that you are wearing tulip domes, I am assuming you are using the standard recievers… That also is going to be a little bit of an issue with respect to low frequency amplification and distortion.

For now, I would advise you ask your Costco people to try the Unitron/Phonak closed domes (not power domes) that are partially vented and fit MUCH better than a tulip dome. I don’t think fitting them on the standard recievers is going to be an issue.

That may help.

My hearing aids are ReSound Future.

1)Are the domes interchangeable between manufacturers(you mentioned Phonak)?
2)Power Domes? My recievers are 65db - I’m not sure what “power domes” refers to.
3) When the Audi first tried Demo units on me he used open domes and had me walk around the Costco and talk to my wife in a noisy environment. They seemed fine in terms of all hearing frequencies.

Tulip domes do not fit 65 dB Resound Future receiver. You may have SP receiver.


Below I have copied/pasted my reply of a couple of months ago on another thread, which may be of help to you (I should add that domes are highly elastomeric, and so demand more info if your Audi makes a knee-jerk “they won’t fit” comment)

Here is an unusual choice regarding domes, which certainly isn’t appropriate for everyone (or perhaps anyone!):

I use Phonak domes with my Oticon Agil Pro RITEs. The domes I use are the Phonak so-called closed domes. I say so-called because they have two small vent holes, so that shows that I don’t understand the open and closed nomenclature as well as I thought I did. These domes have one “cone” (not two “cones” like Oticon and Phonak Power domes), two small vent holes as mentioned, and the tip has a sort of little loop that forms two sideways-pointing holes that open the passage from the ear canal to the receiver wax guard.

Even though I probably should be using power domes, not only do I find the “head in a bucket” effect unpleasant, but I just plain can’t hear as well (even though my Audi says the HAs are programmed for closed power domes). Also, the Phonak single-cone closed domes are more comfortable for me than two-cone power domes in any size. Tulip domes are also comfortable, but they don’t work for me for other reasons. Finally, the Phonak “sideways-holes” design seems to do a better job of delaying wax accumulation in the wax guards compared to the Oticon “multiple-micro-holes” design.

The price I pay for using the Phonak domes is, as you might guess, feedback. However, I have only occasional solid-object-reflection feedback. With the Phonak “closed” domes I can detect some feedback in a few situations where there would be no feedback with the completly closed two-cone power domes, but this slight disadvantage is more than offset by the previously noted advantages.

BTW, having trialed both Oticon Agil and Phonak Audeo HA’s (using the same domes), I can say that the Phonaks do a better job of feedback cancellation, but their well-known tendency to switch programs (and perceived amplication levels) at odd and annoying times (e.g., while driving, as various posts have noted) was a big negative factor for me.

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500 55 65
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8K 90 100
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R: 64% SDat85dB
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I use the tulip domes and they are very comfortable for me. I can’t feel them. Now, when they are new, for the first two days, they itch a little, but after that, nothing.

The tulips are open, but not as open as the open domes. If you are getting a complete seal with those then you might try wiggling them around. If you have 65Db loss in the low areas then you might be more of a candidate for a custom mold. Feedback is not the problem, they are fabulous controlling feedback. The problem might be pumping enough bass for you, with an open fit. You could always try the open, I just doubt it would work well.

Are you absolutely sure you have the tulip domes? The tulips are one dome, split into two “petals”. The larger petal slightly overlaps the smaller petal. If it is really two separate, solid domes, one behind the other, that is the power dome and it would seal.

Domes might appear to be interchangeable but I wouldn’t use anything except the exact model for your hearing aid. Otherwise, there is a chance that it looks fine but it might come off while in your ear.

Are the domes interchangeable between manufacturers(you mentioned Phonak)?

It isn’t common practice to do so, but it should work on the assumption that you are using the standard recievers. If you are using the power recievers, this will not work.

Power Domes? My recievers are 65db - I’m not sure what “power domes” refers to.

Do you have round or square recievers? If they are round, they are the standard recievers therefore are able to be used with open/tulip domes.
If they are square, the power domes (two domes stacked on top of each other) are slipped over the reciever using a special tool.

When the Audi first tried Demo units on me he used open domes and had me walk around the Costco and talk to my wife in a noisy environment. They seemed fine in terms of all hearing frequencies.

As stated before, open domes are only available on standard recievers for Resound product.

According to my loss I need power domes. Can I use closed domes instead?

Feedback would definitely be an issue with open domes in your case.

is that also what is causing distortion in my case ?
Which is better closed domes or power domes for my case?

Based on your audio, i would advise power domes… that said, by closing up your ear canal, you are going to have an earplug effect which you will have to overcome by adding more gain for lows and mids.

Thanks for the advice. I should do that.