One battery dies before the other

I have noticed that my left HA will have the battery die before the right. Does anyone else notice this happening? When I replace the left, I go ahead and replace the right at the same time, even though I have not gotten the low battery signal. I am just curious why this might happen. I also noticed that it usually happens on Sunday evening while watching TV and so I just wait until Monday morning to replace them.

Only once in the decade I’ve been wearing a variety of brans of hearing aids have the batteries given off low battery tones within a few minutes of each other, and that was recently with my latest pair of aids. With me, I see no discernible pattern, as sometimes it’s the left, and sometimes it’s the right. I replace both at the same time, though.

My left battery always dies before the right. I think it is because I have more amplification to my left ear.

this is because your left ear at 8000htz is worse so it provides more gain which then uses more battery power, even if it is very little compared to your right ear.