Odd Problem with Lyric..Anyone Solved It?

I’ve had lyric hearing aids for 10 days. Love them. Here’s the problem: I usually use in the ear headphones, but can’t now. So I bought a relatively high-end over-the-head model. But there must be some kind of magnet or electromagnetic thing’y in the headphone, at least my left one, because it triggers the hearing aid. These hearing aids are adjustable by using a little magnet which you place a little bit in your ear You regulate it by various combinations of “beeps” that you hear. Well, the headphone does it…it cycles through the “beeps” constantly.
I can’t get the company to respond to me. Anyone had this problem? Anyone solved it?

Good headphones use speakers that contain magnets. It appears the headphones are confusing the lyrics.

The solution would be to not use the headphones.

…that while talking on a landline phone, I had a similar disruption. Makes me think that it might be strangely pressure-sensitive. Am going to see audiologist tomorrow. Thanks…

I am in the 30 day trial and experienced the same thing when trying to wear my Apple headphones. The Lyric brochure says “standard ipod earphones can be used,” and my audiologist was surprised that I had this happen. I also found that they appear to be pressure sensitive, triggering the volume change. I have an appointment tomorrow to discuss but the positives have certainly outweighed the negatives so far!!!

The Lyric aids are controlled by magnets, and both in-ear headphones and land line telephones control the aids. With the aids, I realized that I did not have to press the land line telephone receiver to my ear (as the aids did a good job amplifying the sound, I could rest it lightly on my upper ear like a non-hearing impaired phone user).

In-ear headphones cannot be used when using Lyric aids, most in-ears don’t even fit when the Lyrics are in the way. That Phonak specifically indicated that iPod/iPhone headphones could be used, is false. I’m not sure why they indicated that. iPod headphones physically fit in the Lyric user’s ear, but the Lyrics are then turned on/off/on/off by the magnets in the headphones.

I bought a set of lightweight bluetooth over-the-ear headphones for about $30 (sale price) from ncix.com, and they are fantastic. Better sound than the in-ears and cord-free. Can control volume and play functions on the headset.

Is this a disadvantage to the Lyric aids? Yes. Do the advantages outweigh this single disadvantage? 100 * yes. Can this be used to an advantage? Yes - I was in a Chinese restaurant (dish clatter galore) and I was able to use an iPhone headset to disable the amplification on the Lyric aids (I had forgotten my magnet).

TOTALLY unacceptable.

sounds like a terrible design flaw. The only thing I can think of is getting headphones with very large cushions like the ones I used to wear in the 90’s as this may create enough distance between the magnets in the heaphones and the hearing instrument.

I learned that the Lyric was not sold as such but mention was made of a ‘subscription’. Could any users advise what that entails and does it apply each time a replacement is needed ? Thanks.

I can’t get the company to respond to me.

Do you mean the dispenser/fitter or the manufacturer Lyric/Phonak?

Your fitter should indeed respond - but Lyric/Phonak won’t as they don’t know you, and anyway they don’t have any end-user support department.

Your first/only point of contact for support is your fitter.

I just had the experience of Aftershokz bone conduction headset shutting off my left hearing aid. The headset had slipped forward to ear rather than being behind ear and a ski cap was pressing on the left button. No problem when in place and no cap pressing on headset…, so far at least. Yes