Nuraphones - new headphones with insitu hearing test and profile

I wish I could afford to test this stuff. Anyone heard of ‘otoacoustic’ hearing testing?

Thanks for the link. I feel a lot better about not buying them now! Bottom line is they’re designed for normal hearing.

I just bought these. They’re very cool. I’m not sure how technically accurate the measurements are for someone with moderate to severe high end loss like me, but as a practical matter they sound awesome after the first adjustment. I haven’t heard music this way in years. The physical isolation provided by the in ear component and the very good over the ear seal is awesome to begin with, and the new added-by-firmware-update active noise cancelling works well, I’m listening very comfortably on a commuter train now. Some normal hearing folks complain about the intrusiveness of the in ear component but when you’re used to hearing aids it isn’t bothersome at all. I’ll do more testing return period but so far so good.

I wonder if you could answer some questions for me. I have been giving able to hear music properly for the past 10 years though conversations are okay. I do,have moderate to severe hearing loss and wear Oticon Agil Pros. How was music before you bought these?

I was musical. Sang. Played a couple of instruments, but orchestral music became unintelligible to me and then slowly most music. I can hear a melody or at least reimpose it on the background.

And feedback would be appreciated.

For me, music was muddy and very bass-heavy. Not so much distorted as hard to pick out detail. I tried lots of buds/headphones and various equalisation solutions with limited success. Also Audheara headphones with built in hearing test and equalisation. Didn’t work for me at all. My audiogram is in my profile if you want to compare.

There’s one guy here who makes a hardware solution for people like us to listen to music. Several thousand dollars I think. He also has a Mac app that he’ll probably let you trial if he sees this post. I don’t have a Mac so I can’t comment. He wasn’t that impressed with the Nuras btw.

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