Nu-Ear VOZ Hearing Aid

Hello. First forum post.

Looking to get a little more information on a Nu-Ear VOZ hearing aid set that my family member left behind. The device looks to have been manufactured in 2008. The hearing aids where used a handfull of times, and then collected dust in a drawer for a few years.
No visible wear, or dirt.

Can they be re-calibrated for any person?
Are they now obsolete?
Can they be sold online, or perhaps donated?

Thank you.

Update: Looked a bit closer on the devices and they are “Nu-Ear VOZ 15”


I found a site indicating that the VOZ series is the Starkey Zon series. Another site referenced a VOZ.13, VOZ.15, and VOZ.17. Another sitr listed Starkey Zon 3, Zon 5, and Zon 7.

I suspect your VOZ.15 is the same as the Starkey Zon 5.

People on this forum are more familiar with the Starkey models Perhaps one of the professionals can comment further on your aids.

Although they are the same as Starkey, I believe they can only be programmed by a NuEar professional.

Somebody in a thread at mentioned that hearing aids can be donated through the Lions Club.

These hearing aids can be programmed for someone else. An impression may be required depending on the type of hearing loss. It is true that they need to be programmed with NU EAR software most likely from a clinic that dispenses NU EAR aids. If there is no NU EAR clinic in the area any helpful clinic that dispenses Starkey aids should be able to pull a few strings to help out.

ill take the aids for cash

They can be programmed for someone else, by a Nu-Ear dealer. Or you could donate them as a tax deduction to the Starkey Hearing Foundation.