Nu-Ear Rhapsody 1200 inside ear canals - newbie, advise needed


i am a newbie to this list and a newbie to HA’s. With a moderate hearing lost and increasingly severe tinnitis.
I was fitted with some digital Starkeys back in 1998 but I pretty much drawered them and only recently when the buzzing tones got loud and a situation on jury panel when I could not hear testimony, led me to responding when local hearing aid folks called to invite me in for a free test and a meet with the visiting consultant did I think about addressing the problems.

I do not have the audio gram and maybe I should have it, and can get if I ask them. But I do know my loss was said to be in higher end of the spectrum and moderate, approaching serious level.

I was fitted with the Nu-EAr Rhapsody 1200 series completely inside the canal in both ears.

The first set were way too tight, and to they made another set and I am wearing them. I like this fit. But I am still trying to figure out how they do the adjustments for the channels and how to best describe to them what I like and do not like.

Some of what I hear better is very good. But some of what I hear is way bad. Some music is just really unbearable and I have to take them out after a short time, and if I do not I get a pretty bad ringing.

So I am hoping someone on this list may advise me as to how to best help the consultant in adjusting the programming of my devices.

I am very fussy about my music and sounds in general. I sing and play guitar, etc. So far, these actually have like a warble on some notes on the guitar, which I figure must mean a particular adjustment on the software programming.

Also. The primary hope is that the noise cancellation will deal with the tinnitis. Has anyone thoughts on this? So far, I’m not really experiencing much effect on that.

I am doing a 30-day trial and if not satisfied money back sort of terms, so I really wish to try my darnedest and give this a try.
But I’m trying to weigh if it is me versus if it is the programming that is most at odds here.

Perhaps it might be useful to add that I am experiencing gradual vision lost and this is also part of my motivation to get my hearing as best can be.

Also, if anyone can advise me on the costs. If talking the prices is not done on this list and anyone would like to communicate with me off list, I am at i am worried that these are VERY expensive. And hopeful I am not being led down a path.

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Dr. John Shea, the noted ear surgeon in Memphis, both wears and recommends Rhapsody. In fact, he is the only hearing specialist that I have heard mention them. When I first began to consider hearing aids, I thought about the Rhapsody since I knew the reputation of Dr. Shea. As I investigated, however, I learned that many users of the CIC (completely in the canal) hearing aids feel “plugged up” by wearing these “in the ear” devices. The modern trend seems to be toward the “open” fitting of behind-the-ear devices, and most of the leading companies now have one or more models of this type. I suggest you try both types to see which is more comfortable and which helps you most. I am presently wearing BTE on a trial basis, and I am impressed with them, yet I know I have a lot to learn. I believe the “trend” is away from the CIC devices and more toward the “open” hearing aids, but much depends on your type of hearing loss and what works best for you. HA’s are expensive, and you are allowed a trial period. Give both a try, and let us know your reaction.

What do you mean by open HA’s? I am looking at a pair of Oticon Epoq RITE Powers. Those come with a mold I believe so is that considered closed?

If I understand what you are saying by open HA, I think you mean something like the photo I have attached. Let me know.

Yes, those would be open ear.

I struggled with the terminology too. :confused: Yes, those are an open fitting.

I’ve seen the term “open FIT” used to refer to a HA that has an exchangeable tip (open, closed, tulip, power dome are some TYPES). They are inexpensive and come in various standard sizes. The tip is easily exchanged to fit the HA to the client “out of the box”, so to say.

Your picture I’ve seen described as an “open FITTING” for an open fit hearing aid. You can also have a “closed fitting” on an open fit HA. That would be the tip that looks like domed ear plugs with NO VENTS.

Thank you for replying to my post about the Rhapsody.
I have about given up on them. But I’m really in a quandry, as to whether they are just not adjusted correctly or whether I am just not suited for them.

They have seen me several times, but I find it so difficult to say to them what they should do.
And it seems that they almost need to be mind readers to fix it.

The “plugged up” feeling is ongoing, and it seems to fluctuate from extremely bothersome to just a little bothersome. I feel like my ears and cartelige (sp?) actually might loosen and tighten. Is this true?

But the sound— there are some and often too frequent instances when it is like, I can only say like you are listening to someone talk through a tube, like a long piece of PVC pipe or something? Do you know what I mean?

When it is TV or Music, this is absolutely awful, and I have to just go turn down the sound so as to not have it “hurt” my ears!

So, if I did want to try the BTE (behind the ears) how do I do that? I bought these, but am nearing the end of the 30-day trial.

Thanks for any help.

Another thing-- I had a warbling sound at some frequencies which they could fix. It was a harmonics thing. Easist way to find the pitch was to whistle and when it would warble they could see it on the computer and fix it. You know about this?

I sure wish I could know what tell them is the problem with the tube sound, so they could fix it.
My loss is only moderate, so part of me thinks i should just give up and return and them and go back to the natural.

Any help, welcome.
I wonder how to tell if it is the dispenser’s inability to adjust them versus the aids themselves

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Most likely the warble you experience is the hearing aid thinking the musical tone is feedback (squealing) and attempting to eliminate it. Any professional should know what to do to correct this. Ed

The staff at my local hearing aids place was able to fix it. But they acted like it was some pretty significant thing and that only 1 other had ever dealt with it, and luckily, they had learned of it, and so on.

I wish I knew how to tell them about the “tube” sounding effect on some of the voices and music I “Hear” while wearing the Rhapsody 1200 (CIC) HA.

Rik in rocky mt sounds

you are not showing a rite power . you are showing a regular vigo rite…

the rite power has a bigger speaker and while it uses a thin tubbing it is a
not an open fit

Well actually if you look at the regualr Epoq RITE w/receiver in the ear, I think that’s what I was trying to refer to. Here is the link: