Nu-Ear Rhapsody 1200 inside ear canals - newbie, advise needed


i am a newbie to this list and a newbie to HA’s. With a moderate hearing lost and increasingly severe tinnitis.
I was fitted with some digital Starkeys back in 1998 but I pretty much drawered them and only recently when the buzzing tones got loud and a situation on jury panel when I could not hear testimony, led me to responding when local hearing aid folks called to invite me in for a free test and a meet with the visiting consultant did I think about addressing the problems.

I do not have the audio gram and maybe I should have it, and can get if I ask them. But I do know my loss was said to be in higher end of the spectrum and moderate, approaching serious level.

I was fitted with the Nu-EAr Rhapsody 1200 series completely inside the canal in both ears.

The first set were way too tight, and to they made another set and I am wearing them. I like this fit. But I am still trying to figure out how they do the adjustments for the channels and how to best describe to them what I like and do not like.

Some of what I hear better is very good. But some of what I hear is way bad. Some music is just really unbearable and I have to take them out after a short time, and if I do not I get a pretty bad ringing.

So I am hoping someone on this list may advise me as to how to best help the consultant in adjusting the programming of my devices.

I am very fussy about my music and sounds in general. I sing and play guitar, etc. So far, these actually have like a warble on some notes on the guitar, which I figure must mean a particular adjustment on the software programming.

Also. The primary hope is that the noise cancellation will deal with the tinnitis. Has anyone thoughts on this? So far, I’m not really experiencing much effect on that.

I am doing a 30-day trial and if not satisfied money back sort of terms, so I really wish to try my darnedest and give this a try.
But I’m trying to weigh if it is me versus if it is the programming that is most at odds here.

Perhaps it might be useful to add that I am experiencing gradual vision lost and this is also part of my motivation to get my hearing as best can be.

Also, if anyone can advise me on the costs. If talking the prices is not done on this list and anyone would like to communicate with me off list, I am at

rik at rocky mt sounds