Nu Ear hearing aids?

I have continued on my search for an audiologist that I am comfortable with, and may have found one. This audiologist is recommending NuEar Imagine 2 Pro or Imagine 2 Premier. Also suggested NuEar Look as another alternative.

I have note learned much about NuEar, but the audiologist said that they are made by Starkey.

Does anyone know if this is correct? If so, which Starkey models are comparable to the Imagine 2 Pro and Premier, and the comparable Look hearing aids?

Likewise, what Oticon models would be comparable to these?

I need to know this to help me figure out which way to go, because NuEar is not a brand listed by my insurance.

My last post resulted in a discussion here about professional ethics - I don’t want to start anything like that again, I am just looking for some information to help me make a decision on these very costly products. Thanks for any information you can share.

Pure Tone Audiometry
Left Freq Right
25 250 15
25 500 15
30 1000 20
30 1500 30
50 2000 40
55 3000 65
65 4000 75
75 8000 70

Speech Testing: Discrimination 96% both ears
Reception Threshold R-20dB L-25dB

                        HL- R-55  L-60

I will answer part of your question, NuEar vs. Starkey. The Nu Ear aids are equivalent to the Starkey ones, but can only be programmed by the NuEar dealer.

NuEar Imagine 2 Pro == Starkey X Series 90

NuEar Imagine 2 Premier == Starkey X Series 110

You may find more information at

Starkey also makes the Micro Tech and Audibel brands.