Nu-Ear (And new to Hearing Aids ;) )

I am new to hearing aids and have never owned any but have just been tested and apparently need to purchase them for both ears.

Given my hearing loss situation, I have been told that I need digital hearing aids that fit into my ear and aid in blocking out background noise.

The Audi apparently sells the Nu-Ear brand. I have been quoted a price of almost $8,000 for the Elegance model hearing aids for both ears. The other models of the Nu-Ear product line apparently don’t meet my needs.

So, here is my situation - I have NO clue as to what the normal price range is for hearing aids, I don’t know ANYTHING about any particular brands, etc.

I should share that I am REALLY fortunate that I have access to one of the top Hearing Facilities in the world for the tests. In that regard I am truly blessed. The downside is my insurance covers $0.

My Insurance Company did refer me over to a 3rd party group called HearPO which has some kind of agreements with 2 providers in my area. I suspect that do some kind of negotiated rates with local sellers and take part of the charges as a referral since they will just send me one name of someone in the area. Not really sure…

Although I want to make sure I am getting what I need, I am trying to be fiscally responsible as well. I am going to have to forgoe A LOT of “needed” purchases to afford what I really believe I DO need.

So, I am trying to get an idea regarding price, quality associated with particular brands, which brands appear to be the most used, etc.

I am just trying to find help so anything someone can tell me that you think would be helpful is MUCH appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Nu-Ear is a Starkey Franchise. As far as I can tell the top of the line system is known as the Rhapsody which compares directly to the Destiny by Starkey or Virtue by Audibel.

Weirdly, I can’t find the name Elegance anywhere on the Nu-Ear web site, so I’m not sure which model it is.

If you had been quoted $8,000 for a set of Rhapsody 1600s, I’d say that was about fair, although it could be cheaper.

Odds are, you can get Starkey top of the line a little cheaper, and it will do the same thing.

I’m certainly a huge fan of Starkey product and have dispensed them since 1994. It makes little difference if you ultimately go with Starkey or a brand produced by them. The only other thing to consider is if you buy Nu-Ear, it can only be adjusted by a Nu-Ear dealer. If you buy Starkey it can be adjusted by almost anyone.

Thanks for the information.

Maintenance and updates are some of the concerns I had. I saw the Rhapsody on the list of models we went over and it was listed 2 below the model I am needing.

Again, thanks for the feedback!!!

:smiley: I was contacted today by a company that I called who informed me that the Nu-Ear is a private label for Sharkey. So, the Elegance model is the same as their Destiney 1600 model number except for the label.

Basically, the cost difference is almost $3,000. And, I can have a wider number of folks to go to for assistance.

If all holds true then it just goes to show you what a violatile market it is out there.

If someone out there knows anything about the brands and confirm I would appreciate it.




Most companies has a primary brand and a value brand

Siemens – rexton – AM

Oticon - Bernafon

GN - Beltone - Interton

Phonak- unitron

you get the point …

I don’t know the extent of your hearing loss, but I am a huge fan of I sent them a copy of my hearing test and a clearance note from my Doctor, and I spent under $2000 and I adjust my own hearing aids now. I know this isn’t going to make the audi’s happy that lurk around here but I’m happy.

My hearing loss is much worse in the high’s and pretty good in the lows. I bought a system called the “FreeStyle”. It is a little open fit behind the ear type unit.

I travel alot and enjoy the ability to adjust my aids whenever.

I had Beltones prior and had been recommended a new set of their open fits. Beltone wanted over $4500 for their aids.

Anyway, that’s my two cents…:wink: