Now, I understand….. Roger On, WOW factor!

A none iN versión doesn’t have the hole to poke the pin in to transfer the licenses. So you could say the iN version casing is different as well.

Also the iN Select and iN Pen doesn’t have Bluetooth where the normal Select and Pen does.

This is a Select iN. The blue circle is a light. The red circle is where the pin goes, to press the internal button, I guess you could call it.

Not being the iN, these features won’t be there.


This is what I like about the Table Mic II, it’s also plug and play.
None of these docking stations or difficult to get cables.


What a great thread resurrected. I wish I’d seen it earlier. A few comments.

  1. I find the RogerOn and Select very similar, with the RogerOn edging it because of the MyRogerMic app.
  2. I find the Roger Neckloop’s (MyLink is the older version) sound quality is actually very good. I’ve since had Roger X’s installed, which are costly, but more convenient.
  3. I find the Comfort in Echo setting on my P90’s (amended to omnidirectional) is better than either Roger in our meetings.
  4. I prefer the TV Connector over RogerOn and Roger Select when connected to TV
  5. @kevels55 . I play pool, and we got thrashed 9-0 on Wednesday. I could maybe come and get a lesson. We’ve just changed to International rules, which I like. :slight_smile:

I understand that what works well for me, may not work well for others.



Yeah @PeterH, you are welcome anytime for some coaching :grin: I have an 8ft x 4ft table, at home, with a bar, wood burning stove, toilet, kitchen, and shower, I converted a brick built garage… Mostly by myself, I made the bar, and fireplace from oak & elm, stunning wood elm, the bar top, is approximately a 3 inch thick elm burr… The table is a single slate bed, weighs about 6 hundredweight, took 6 of us to install it… It’s okay, but the table, is needing recovered, I paid a table engineer pre-pandemic to recover it, I’m still waiting :upside_down_face: It’s a nice man cave to relax with likeminded souls… Cheers Kev :grin:


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Looks a perfect man cave, and very tempting :slight_smile:


Like @PeterH I find the tv connector better than the ON using optical cable.
It seems to have more umph!
Perhaps it’s in Target, I haven’t checked.
Not to forget Peter is a pro musician so he must be right :wink:


Wonderful that this ext mic works so well for you!
I have had similar good experience with my ReSound MultiMic over the years. Mainly, I walk with my son along a popular trail at the windy waterside. He wears the mic, using the lanyard, and usually under his shirt to cut down on ambient wind. I hear every word. The several-year-old MultiMic works w/ my new Jabra Enhance Pro’s, which, like ReSound, are a GN product.




Thanks for your comment. I’ve had my Phonak Audeo Paradise P90R’s for 2 years. They were finally set up right a week ago by a wonderful hearing aid practioner. My audiologist requested I go to someone different who could help me more. He fired me!

Good hearing aids…badly setup

As an old stereo buff the only skill I had was to turn my hearing aids up louder.
The old audi-who-quit suggested I use the programs he put on the P90’s, and adjust them on the app.

I couldn’t hear with them, so what the heck.

One of the first changes I made was to the “Music Program”. I had adjusted it. It was much better than the autosense program.

My question: why don’t we accept that the frequency range of music is far broader than voice? Why don’t our hearing aids play music well?
Let’s tune them so music sounds good! Surely voice will sound even better.

Finally, I don’t have Roger ON. Should I?



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Thank you @PeterH, interestingly, I had a long talk yesterday with my private A.uD, whom is very quietly spoken, I was struggling in her office, to catch everything she said, so I switched on, the Roger On via table mode, the difference was night, and day… I heard everything perfect, I get a new set of Phonak Naida Lumity 90 UP BTE’s around the middle of November (Also) a new set of soft acrylic moulds, never tried soft acrylic moulds before, they will be a first for me, I had no idea they made soft acrylic moulds, I thought all acrylic moulds where rock hard… I have been plagued with sore ears for the last few months, I have hypoallergenic full shell silicon moulds, but I think the nano hypoallergenic coating wares thin, and I break out in an allergic reaction? I am fine with acrylic… The interesting aspect of our conversation was, I was asked to do a trial/appraisal of the Nadia L90 aids, at her bosses request, at no upfront cost! Well that was a no brainer, which I shall no doubt comply with, I was somewhat shocked at the offer, I was in truth expecting to put down a deposit, instead I was told to pay a big fat zero, do the appraisal, and sort out the payment later… It’s a strange old world! Cheers Kev :grin:


Wow, definitely a no brainer. My private Audio is a musician (well a drummer actually - old joke), but doesn’t normally deal with Phonak, after he had a falling out with them a few years back. He has Starkey in his shop window. I chose the Phonaks as I had some Roger gear. It was interesting that he couldn’t match the price to an online seller, so I bought them, then he took impressions for Slimtips. Not sure what they’re made of, but they’re hard and pretty comfortable. He would have preferred me to get C.Shells, but I didn’t like the look of them lol. Keep us posted to how you get on.

“Pro musician” is pushing it lol. If I’d been professional, back in the day, I likely wouldn’t need these contraptions :slight_smile:

Having my head in a Mesa Boogie speaker cabinet, may not be the wisest of choices, but it was fun at the time :slight_smile:

Thank you Peter, I will indeed start a Naida Lumity thread, once I get them :grin: 2 other interesting points where up for discussion, at my behest, I enquired about how many, (in general) hearing aid users they see, in the severe/profound threshold, this is a major UK wide hearing aid dispenser, with branches literally everywhere… Her answer quite truthfully amazed me, it would appear, former NHS clients, are coming out the woodwork, in droves! They have heard (possibly on here) about the “Benefits” of Bluetooth, Roger technology, and further evidence of technological advances in general with hearing aids… So, around 1 in 15 clients will now be in the severe/profound range, according to my A.uD’s personal experience, that is a colossal amount, when you consider hearing aids are freely available on the NHS, but perhaps they crave that newer technology? My A.uD said, she had never experienced so many in the higher thresholds! We talked about the, “The Roger On In Mark 2”, according to feedback she is getting, it’s now on her highly recommended ALD’s list, so I am thinking, it is probably a big step up, from the original? I will most likely get one from Connevans, once I trial out the Naida Lumity’s, I believe the plain Roger On 2, is around £600, if you sign the VAT waiver? Cheers Kev :grin:


I can see why Kev, in Doncaster its five years for a retest and sixteen weeks for a fault and then you go on the waiting list.
Eventually I will be given Naida Auto UP which is the venture platform.
Are you going back to Boots?

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I think it’s down to the NHS not bothering with good programming. They seem to have very little time to give you good results. That’s where they’ve failed me.

Only difference is the head set mode according to FM Hearing Systems.


Yeah Michael, Boots Hearing Care… They are owned by Phonak, but I don’t believe their A.uD’s get sales commission? In my eyes, that’s a big plus… Yeah, the NHS is a wonderful service, I have worked for them in the past, their staff are very highly committed, but unfortunately the “bean counters” rule the roost, it is no longer about service, and all about penny pinching! Naturally, NHS A.uD’s become totally disillusioned, I know some whom have jumped ship to the private sector, they cannot in good conscience remain where their recommendations, are constantly ignored, because of the price! They also have allotted strict timescales, they want you in & out an appointment asap… For a service that was perhaps the envy of the medical world, cutbacks have severely depleted it’s ability to function effectively, the waiting list’s are nothing short of horrendous… At the end of the day, when folks have suffered the endurance, and sheer frustration of waiting to hear better, when sites like ours, clearly tell them a more effective hearing aid solution is awaiting them, instead of waiting years, you can have them in a few weeks time, common sense tells them to also jump ship… Sadly, not everyone can afford these aids, but Boots, like some others, have payment plans… Cheers Kev :wink:


As you are no doubt aware… Not every, “NHS Audiology Department” was created equal Ruth, some have REM technology, probably most don’t? Disillusioned A.uD’s have probably been the product of more poor fitting, also with time constraints, they might have lost interest in what they are actually doing, who knows? There are some, whom are still enthusiastic, they strive for high ideals, and they are on the ball, totally committed to the cause, but that’s the luck of the draw, and of course the postcode lottery! In, truth, I still use an NHS A.uD’s settings for my aids, I just export/import these, Lumity’s will be the same… :grin: Cheers Kev :wink:

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I’ve had REM now on my NHS Aids but that took a newly qualified Audiologist to say, let’s do it.

Time is not a strong point of the NHS in all departments and yes, I agree. also loosing interest for their passion.


At one time Ruth, Raigmore Hospital Audiology Department was almost utopian, pre 2008, prior to austerity kicking off/in…We where indeed spoiled rotten, appointments where quick, a couple of weeks, or a month, referrals a few months, but once you where in the system, you where in… Believe it or not, every afternoon Monday to Friday was designated as open, absolutely no appointment required whatsoever, for getting new batteries, small repairs, tubing & ear hooks, slight adjustments to hearing aids, hearing aid impressions done, on the fly, occasionally they would swap out a broken or malfunctioning aid… It was indeed a brilliant service! Plus we had the Social Work run Deaf Services, 3 Deaf Service trained Social Workers, and over 40 “Deaf Specialists Support Workers”, whom installed environmental Deaf equipment, free of charge, like loop systems, vibration alarms, TV audio equipment, baby alarms… Plus much more besides… Spoiled rotten indeed, then austerity raised its ugly head, we where actively discouraged to seek any help whatsoever, just cast adrift, to sink or swim…Things like, making folks phone in, to make an Audiology Appointment, back then I struggled very badly on the phone, I explained this in person, only to be told it was the only way to get an appointment… Suffice to say, I got ripped into them over that issue, they soon u-turned that one! Cheers Kev :wink:

I had this until COVID stopped it. It’s now a 14 week wait for ANY appointment, madness!

14 week wait even if you’re profoundly deaf and have no working hearing devices as well.

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I’ll be interested in your views.

I’ve had to delay my purchase until end of November as heading back into hospital.

I should be back :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: