Now, I understand….. Roger On, WOW factor!

How far away do you feel the pointing mode works?

I’ve tried the pointing mode at work with the On but found the more noise there is, the closer it needs to be. I wonder if it’s down to my HA settings rather then a limitation of the pointing mode.

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Pointing mode is optimal the closer you are to the speaker. In highly noisy environments you will want to be no further than 1 metre away.


I haven’t really tried pointing mode in a loud background environment, I will give it a go on Tuesday, I have a pool match then, with 6 tables going, and approximately 8 x 6 man teams participating, Jukebox blaring, 3 TV’s going in a busy bar, I will see how the Roger On performs, and report back…… Cheers Kev :wink:


Try to move the slider towards Mic side in myPhonak next time (see screenshot in my post). See if that makes a difference. I normally have it about 5 “clicks” out from the middle.

I don’t have Aids that works with an App.

It wasn’t my Aids microphones that were picking up the noise, it was the On microphone picking up more noise then the persons voice, I think because I was too far away from them.

I have 2 x Roger programs, one with Aid microphones on and the other, is off.

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I have one problem with Roger. At a dinner table with several diners, Roger picks up all sounds and not just voices. Silverware, glasses tinkling, waiters nearby talking and generally all sounds. Unless I put the roger directly in front of the speaker and keep it about 3 feet from him. But if I put it in the center of the table to catch all conversations, the combination of all sounds makes it virtually wortheless to me.



Which Roger do you have?

I have the Roger Select for use in social situations and I find it doesn’t pick up background noise. It’s very good in high levels of noise.

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My Roger devices keep getting better because I keep learning new ways to use them.


Could you give us some examples @Psych1, any hints would be much appreciated…. Thank you. I am still in the learning process with the Roger On…. I have found that the cleanest SNR, is the “Presenter Mode”, on the lanyard is pristine, especially in the car, other “Modes”, do present a challenge in exceptionally loud background noise, unless you are up close, within say, 3 foot or thereabouts. Last night, I was slightly underwhelmed, but in mitigation, it was extremely loud background noise, so the Roger On was a bit of a hit, or miss, plus I have yet to install the Roger X receivers in my Naida P90 UP’s, and I was using the Marvel RIC’s, with only 1 Roger X installed, wasn’t ideal for this experiment, but hopefully @Psych1 can give us a few pointers? We shall of course, continue to experiment, and hopefully things will improve with the P90’s, with 2 X Roger x, I will keep you posted…… On a lighter note, we won both pool matches 7-5 :rofl: :upside_down_face: :joy: So, not an absolute disaster…… Cheers Kev :wink:


I dont have an ON, Yet, but I do have a couple of pens, the clip-on mic, a Table Mic 2, and the Select. I use the Select the most because I always carry it around with me. The Table mic has a remote that takes sometime to learn. Roger devices can be paired together but the process can be complicated. The Select has to be positioned correctly and has a lot of buttons for selecting directionality. Then there is the app and buttons on the aids that can be adjusted. The devices sometimes lose their pairing and must be repaired with the aids. What seems to work well in one situation may not work as well in another. The only real “Tip” I have is keep playing around with all the adjustments and treat the frustrations as learning experiences. For me, the Roger devices do have that “WOW factor” but it is an ongoing learning process.

Edit: OK, I do have one good example. I once went on a road trip with a group in a big 3 row SUV. I sat in the front but put the Select in the back. Made a super difference.


Grant, there are 2 ways to adjust the balance between the mics on the hearing aid and the Roger: 1) using the volume control/rocker switch on the aids, or; 2) via the MyPhonak app. To adjust via the app you select the button with an image of 3 horizontal sliders at the bottom right corner of the screen (make sure you are in the Roger transmitter program). You will then see a single slider which adjusts balance.

Hope that helps.


I’ve tried for the first time with my Roger Select, using it in a pub which had loud loud background noise and music.

I also tried my Phonak Speech in Loud Noise program which resulted in so much of the noise / speech being reduced that I couldn’t hear the person next to me.

Tried the Roger Select again and that was a massive improvement over the Speech in Loud Noise program.


Thank you Zebra’s :grinning: I will try the speech in loud noise, via Roger On, once I get my P90 UP’s set up, with Roger X. Receivers, hopefully my new Roger Installer is winging it’s way to me in the next few days, according to the tracking, it’s in the UK, having cleared custom’s …. Cheers Kev :grin:

A question @Zebras, do you know if the Roger X (02 & 03) Receivers are interchangeable, or are they specific to certain Roger devices, I noticed in Connavans they always say, Roger X 02 or Roger X 03 is required, apart from the Roger On In, I am almost certain you can’t use a 02 & 03 together, I am just curious…… Perhaps they would both work, with less functionality? Cheers Kev :wink:

Thank you @Psych1…… I will have to experiment further, once I get the Naida P90’s on the go, and give Zebra suggestion a try, with the Roger On. Cheers Kev :wink:


The Speech in Loud Noise won’t work with Roger, it’s a separate program. I wanted to compare the two because of Covid, last night was the first time I’ve been able to compare the two in very high levels of noise.

I feel Speech in Loud Noise could be better for me with adjustments.

I’ve got 02 Roger 18 and 03 Neckloop and they both work the same as I only have a Select and On.

I couldn’t use my 03 Neckloop with a Roger Touchscreen.

I use the Neckloop to get real time captions via my mobile.

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Thank you @Zebras, for that information, back to the drawing board :upside_down_face: I do have the 03 neckloop. Since you have the Roger Touchscreen, I will send you a link via PM, that you may or may not be interested in? Cheers Kev :wink:

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02 receiver works with both the educational line and the adult line (and is more expensive), 03 receiver only works with the adult line. 03 receiver only works with sonova products, 02 receiver is universal (e.g. you can plug one into the Resound multimic to connect to Roger products).

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I don’t have the roger on, I have the roger select in. I got it just before the pandemic, so I really haven’t used it a lot out in noisy places. Two places I have found that it works great is one, when anyone who is what I call a LT (low talker) is speaking the roger picks up their voice vary good, and two, if someone calls my wife and me and we are using the phone in speaker phone mode, if I set the roger close to the phone, I can hear the person on the other end really good.


Right folks, today I got my Roger Installer from Hong Kong, via FedEx, twas a day late according to FedEx calculations, it was kind of fun tracking it around the Globe, took about a week all in, with some inevitable delays, and a day to clear customs…. Works a treat though :smile: I took the one license off my Marvel 90’s RIC, installed this back on the original Roger X Receiver, then installed this on the left side Naida P90 UP’s, via Roger Installer, then installed the right side aid, with another Roger X receiver, I bought from eBay, we were up and running in under 5 minutes…… Tried the Roger On, with the stand & charger unit, as a TV connector, via the Toslink optical out cable, I have 2 x TV Connector (2nd generation) which I thought were excellent, and clear…… But, I have to say the Roger On as a TV Connector, is absolutely outstanding audio quality, TV Connector is indeed excellent, but Roger On is way above that level…. Perhaps, the Naida P90 UP’s was also a contributing factor? I also tried this setup via my iMac, it’s a 2015, i7 version with no Toslink, it has a 3.5 Jack plug, IMO, there was a marginal improvement over the TV Connector, but I think the Toslink is the key to getting exceptional sound quality, and having 2 x receivers may have helped, greatly? Cheers Kev :wink: