Nothing happens when I try to install Roger On In receivers to Marvel hearing aids

I’ve confirmed that their are two receivers in the Roger On In microphone, but when I start the process to transfer the first one to my Marvel hearing aids, the hearing aid symbol on the microphone flashes but I never get a check mark and the receivers don’t install in the hearing aids. I’ve followed the instructions – turning off both HAs, then turning one on and holding it next to the Roger On. The Roger On shows both receivers still there. Also, the MyRogerMic app doesn’t find the Roger On microphone. The Roger On is refurbished; maybe it’s defective?

I went through the same rigamarole trying to get a second pair of Phonak Lumity Life aids paired + connected to the Roger ON iN I’d bought. I know there are workarounds, but it turns out I needed to BUY a redundant, 2nd Roger that the Phonak rep set up with my 2nd pair of aids. If all else fails, take your Marvels in to an audi and have them get them set up with the Roger. It could be you already have something on that device so it’s not letting you connect a 2nd device to it.

Did you put the Roger On into transfer mode? When you put the small tool or paperclip into the pinhole under the clip for a second you will see the number of licenses in the Roger (you have obviously done that) but you have to keep the tool or paperclip in the hole for a few more seconds until the transfer icon appears on the Roger. Not clear whether you have done that or not.

Yes, the transfer icon was flashing, I turned on the hearing aid and put it next to the Roger mic, but nothing happened – no check mark, no red icon to indicate transfer failed, nothing. I tried resetting the Roger On, but that did not make any difference. I also tried pairing on the off chance there were receivers in the hearing aids when I bought them, but I got the question-mark icon that indicates no receivers in the hearing aids.

Think it is a BT connection thing maybe.
Are you sure the HA are not connected with any other BT devices in the neighborhood when you are trying to transfer the licenses?

Is it possible the hearing aids already have a receiver, from a different roger device or process?

I thought that might be the case, but I turned off Bluetooth in my phone (which has the MyPhonak app connected to the HAs) and it did not make any difference. Thanks for the brainstorming help, though.

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MyPhonak app should show if any receivers are already installed. Try turning off Bluetooth on any smartphone or tablet.

I’ve never had a Roger device and I can’t imagine receivers were installed when I bought the hearing aids five years ago (Phonak Marvels). But just to be safe, I did try to pair the Roger with the HAs and got the question-mark icon, which I think indicates there are no receivers to pair with. The seller is sending me a replacement unit, so that should help determine where the issue is.

Turned off Bluetooth on every device within 50 feet, but that did not solve the issue.

I suppose that your aids don’t have the receivers installed.
The receivers are not pre-installed on the Marvel and Paradise platforms’ first hearing aids. That problem was resolved with the upgrade. Update the software on your hearing aids with Target.


Just to update everyone who might be interested, my audiologist updated the firmware in the Marvel hearing aids and voila! the receivers transferred successfully from the Roger On. The Roger On is now paired with the hearing aids and working quite well. I do get occasional light feedback in one hearing aid when using the Roger On, but I can deal with that by adjusting the hearing aid volume in the myPhonak app. I think only the audiologist can adjust the volume of the Roger On, and I am seeing her again next week. Thanks to all of you who offered suggestions.

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You can adjust the balance in the app and direction in My Roger app.
Sliding towards ext mic should reduce feedback.

I see how to adjust the balance and the direction, but where do I slide “towards ext mic”?

In the my phonak app, it’s ambient balance.

I didn’t know about that – thanks very much for the tip! The Roger On is an extremely helpful device.

You can also mute your hearing aids’ mics in the myPhonak app, and then the only audio you’ll get will be from the Roger. That should reduce background noise even more. Not sure whether it would impact feedback.