Nokia Phone

Hi. I use the Nokia LPS-4 neckloop with my nokia phone. I’m getting a new phone at work that has bluetooth capabilities, so I’m probably going to get the MaxIt induction loop.

But the new phone I’m getting (Nokia E62) plays MP3s, and has a jack for headphones. Does anyone have experience with the induction ear hooks? I’d love to try some when the phone comes in, but the ear jack is for a 2.5 mm plug and the ear hooks are for a 3.5 mm jack. Not sure if Nokia is so proprietary that an adapter won’t work, but I’m wondering if anyone here has ever run into this problem. I’d love to listen to MP3s while on long drives.



You may want to look into Artone, who has a bluetooth neckloop that works great and is much smaller than the Maxit unit.

In addition, they have the TVB, which you can plug in your MP3 player and use bluetooth to transmit to the neckloop and hear thru the hearing aids wirelessly.

I have yet to test the audio quality, as I just received my first TVB, but have had great success with our patients with the Artone Bluetooth neckloop for use on cell phones.

Thanks for the reply!

I thought you were better enamored with the Maxit unit. It was one of your posts that was the tipping factor in trying to decide between that or the Artone. I’ll look into the Artone some more.

Never heard of the TVB. Will look into that now. If it’s in stereo and affordable, I’ll get that too! :slight_smile: I love music, and currently wear one Widex Senso, and one Oticom Sumo. I much prefer the Senso, but we’re having a LOT of trouble getting a proper fit for one my ears, and the Sumo has the feedback control (though I don’t hear as well with it). The Senso doesn’t. But If I can listen to stereo relatively noise-free while on my long drives…I’ll be in heaven.

I usually hate using the telecoils because I suffer SO MUCH interference from EVERYWHERE. I can practically trace the wiring in my house when I have them set on T. And I work in an industrial plant…the RFI is ungodly and I look strange to everyone when I’m on the phone, constantly turning my head trying to get a sweet spot…:rolleyes: