Noise Reduction and TV Sports

Can any of the ‘noise reduction’ programs do anything about TV Sports noise?
I was just watching the golf match on TV. The program director must think that the more open microphones the better. Noise from blimps, helicopters, airplanes towing banners, power generators, air conditioners, wind and the crowd at the next hole all drown out the commentators. And some other sports are a lot worse.
But there won’t be any directional clues and much of the noise is speech like, so will the program have anything to work with?

No most unlikely, it’s not quite how it works, the background noise is part of the tv stream, you won’t be able to separate it, unless you have some kind of setting on the TV.


But the noise increases the immediacy of the broadcast. You’re supposed to feel as if you’re right there in the crowd of spectators!

You don’t appreciate that? Neither do I.

I think complaining to the broadcaster may have some influence.

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I don’t know how the OP would accomplish it, but in a HiFi 3.1 or better system, the commentary is usually in the center channel. I find listening with speakers, that turning up the center and turning down the L and R helps a lot.

(I would be surprised if there wasn’t some gizmo out there that could modify audio the balance in the HDMI before it gets to your TV. Probably not trivial though.)

Edit: So there are a variety of HDMI splitters and decoders that give you center channel audio out. Then that could be routed to a single “powered” speaker attached to that center out. Kind of a monstrosity, but perhaps helpful to someone?

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Except we are part of the product, not the customer. The customers are the advertisers.

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Are you using a TV connector or depending on the brand and age of your HA’s, you might try something like a Roger device, I use a Roger Select IN, which make the TV audio very easy to hear and understand.

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I use a Zvox sound bar that helps if not streaming.

I’ll look into a HiFi 3.1 or better system.
a Roger Select IN.

This will cost you more then your tv hi-fi system combined :moneybag:
Not sure why but anything Roger is expensive everywhere.

What hearing aids do you have?
Is there a TV streamer available for them?
This would improve your speech understanding for TV substantially.

I agree a Roger Select IN is not the way to go.
But a:
Spdif Coaxial Dts Ac3 5.1 Ch Audio Dts/ac-3 To 5.1 Analog Decoder
is under $40.
I listen to TV using closed back headphones.
Thru a 4 input, digitally controlled pre-amp. it has input selector, volume & balance controls (each in 1/2 dB steps). Inputs from the Set Top Box analog, TV SPDIF to analog and a graphic equalizer.
So I have room for one more input. (and then into a headphone amp)

Right now I have 10 year old Siemens hearing aids and they are not that smart.
Working on getting new hearing aids (that’s why I’m on this forum so much) but it could be a long process.

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Yes time for an upgrade, lots of good choices out there, hopefully you have a Costco nearby.

No insurance is thru TruHearing.
All the Costco stores are at least a 25 minute drive.

For the past 10 years I have driven 2 hours for Costco. In fact I bought their membership because of the savings just for hearing aids. Even adding in the annual membership fee, it is still less than almost anywhere else.

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Not being a wise guy but since it’s golf you can probably turn off the volume altogether.

Actually the TruHearing provider is also a 25 minute drive.
We live to close to the central city, everything is a 25 minute drive.
For example, there are Walmart stores to the West, South and East all about a 20 to 25 minute drive.

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We are the product, but if enough of us complain or tune unlistenable broadcasts off, the broadcasters will probably change.