Noahlink Wireless not compatible with Phonak Bolero B90 SP's

So today I was surprised by the UPS mailman: I got myself a Noahlink Wireless, apparently. Kind of given up on it, but after a week it arrived. Happy as a clam!

Unfortunately, the device isn’t compatible with my HA’s according to Phonak Target. Can’t find anything on google. Does anyone know for what devices the NOAH Wireless works and for which programmers are compatible with the Bolero B90 SP’s?

Think you need the iCube II for your B90s. The Noahlink works for the Marvels.

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See Phonak Bolero B Product information, Page 4, Fitting.

It says that the Fitting interfaces are iCube II, NOAHLink, HI-PRO, HI-PRO2. Also note that NOAHLink is not Noahlink Wireless.

So you can program it wirelessly with iCube II or wired with (mini Pro/Hi Pro) plus CS44a Phonak cables.

Don’t use old (almost obsolete) junk NOAHlink, see Noah, NOAHlink, or Noahlink Wireless because using the correct name is important to avoid confusion.

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Ah, there it was. Read over it twice, today. Must have taken Noahlink to mean Noahlink Wireless, when I ordered.

So I guess, I am going to have to sell this one. Feels a bit silly to get another pair of hearing aids, just to use the Noahlink Wireless.

@pvc You do make the nicest info threads!

If you want to sell it let me know.