No new message notification sounds in hearing aids

I’m using Signia Pure 312 7NX hearing aids with an Android phone and the Signia StreamLine clip. Plays ringtones, calls, audio AND new message notifications through my hearing aids (desired behavior for me). I just purchased an iPhone XS max and the only thing I can’t get working is new message notification sounds: they will only play through phone speakers, not through hearing aids. Is this normal?
Thanks, in advance.

I have the very modest iphone SE and as far as I can work out it will only play the ringtone not the message tones. I’ve only had bluetooth hearing aids for about 3-4 weeks though so I might be missing something!


I have the KS8 which I believe is essentially the same as your 7Nx, and an iPhone 7. I have Notifications for Messages turned on, and the notification tone plays through the speakers and not the hearing aids. In the MFi screen I see there is an option to turn Ringtones on or off. Mine is on. It appears this only allows the phone ringtone, but not the message notification. I am on iOS 12.4.1.

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Thanks to all for confirming the behavior of my phone/aids.

It sounds like iOS 13 may have “fixed” this. Now the problem appears to be that you cannot shut off all the notification messages etc… Perhaps a case of “be careful what you wish for!”


Thank you…

Yep - After the 13 upgrade I realized I had a very annoying alert tone. Found one much more subtle that I can live with.


and 13.1 did NOT fix it either… wonder if it’s even on Apple’s radar? Also, annoying in that connection to TV box (oticon) cuts in and out whenever I do anything on my phone while I’m connected to TV box…

My problem turned out to be the ring/silent switch was set to silent (red showing), as well as installing 13.1.


I spent a couple hours with apple tech support on this issue eventually reaching someone who was level 3 support purported to be working on this issue. She informed me that they thought very 13.1 fixed the issue but as we all know it did not. I have her direct phone contact and have been pinging about once a week to no avail. Most frustrating, but at least they are aware.

As long as they don’t require all of us to either have the damn notifications in our hearing aids or not have the notifications at all. There are the ones that do not want the notifications in the hearing aids, but have to have them on our phones, by either the sound or the vibration or both.


Same here. Seems most peeps do not prefer message alerts via HAs but I like being able to receive my text, messenger, and whatsapp notifications in ear.