No hearing instrument detected. Unitron moxi fit 500 + Hi-pro serial

Hello everybody,

I have an Unitron Moxi fit 500.
I bought a Hi-pro serial and a Sonion CS44 cable from ebay.
I have installed Unitron TrueFit 3.4.
My computer with windows 10 detects well Hi-pro, but when I connect my hearing aid to hi-pro with cs44 cable and I try detect, the result is:“No hearing instrument detected for both sides”.
What can I do? Excuse me for bad language skill.

Thank you!

I’m guessing PVC will soon be here with an answer, but I’m guessing it’s not quite the right cable. I know Phonaks don’t use the standard CS44 cable and think that might go for Unitron. From what I could find on Unitron’s website, it calls for a “Type 4 cable” but have no idea what that means. I think you need to confirm that you have the correct cable and also the correct software. From the troubleshooting guide I found, those are the two things that could cause this error message (other than a faulty cable or loose connection) Good luck!

I found this on Unitron’s website Unitron TrueFit Cable and Programming,

And from Unitron TrueFit 3.4:

It’s in the list, but does not recognize it. :frowning:

MDB is right.
This cable reference shows the differences. Unitron is in with Phonak. It needs a pin switch.

Interesting, when I connect hearing aid to hi-pro, it starts, works without battery, just software does not recognize it.
Where can I do the pin switch?
Do you mean that?

Thany you!

It would seem that cable would do the trick. Or one of pvc’s wonderful posts/threads here too.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

It works! Thank you MDB, z10user2 and pvc! It is a life saver!


Yay! Success.
Did you get a proper cable or did you hack a cable like pvc’s post?

You should have bought a >>Squirrel<<. Er, I mean a >>mini Pro<< :smiley:

I did hack like pvc’s post.

Hi-pro was cheaper, almos half the price (150 euro). When I ordered, the mini Pro was 300$.

Oh I see, very good job then! You should be proud.

Now you have the gear to program Phonak/Unitron with the DIY connectors, and the same gear can program most other hearing aids with CS44 cables only (and maybe flexstrips, boots, or pills).

Jozsef, Can you help me understand, Im new to this, I just bought a pair of unitron Moxi Fit 500 for my father, what do you recommend for me to be able to program it?

You can use the icube ll for them, it’s wireless and I’ve see them on eBay for around $199.