NHS Hearing Aid Waiting List

In Northern Ireland the wait to see a consultant is at least 30 months, I was wondering if there is also a wait for hearing aids after a consultant has been seen? Thanks

I’m in Scotland, Pre. Covid I waited 6 weeks to see a consultant, and a further 6 weeks to be fitted with hearing aids. I think 30 months is a ridiculous amount of time to wait.

The waiting lists in Northern Ireland are ridiculous for everything. My GP is trying to get my referral moved up the list as I am struggling with the virtual meetings I have in work every day.

I know in England (but not Scotland) you can get a referral from your GP, and go to the likes of Specsavers, to be tested and fitted with NHS aids free of charge.

I read about that scheme, we don’t have this in Northern Ireland.

One United Kingdom, but four different health services. Good luck, hope you can be moved up the list.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Onwards with devolution!

If you can’t get seen locally, then you can speak to your local AM as to why.

How your local health prioritising works is devolved. It’s all gone to pot with Covid due to the deferral of non-essential procedures anyway.

Covid certainly hasn’t helped but the lists were diabolical beforehand, Stormont love the fact they can blame Covid now though.

Yes, I think a lot of stuff falling by the wayside is going to get binned/explained away under the Covid tag.

I’ve had people calling in my shop struggling with getting re-tubing done, even after they’ve had the bits sent out. Getting people in their 80s to do this stuff remotely presents lots of challenges even if they have lots of help.

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My friend waited roughly 19 months to get NHS aids.

Was this after they were seen by a consultant, or was this the initial wait? Thanks

After seeing ENT. Covid didn’t help the situation but I still think the wait time was really bad.

Oh no, that is dreadful! I really don’t know how they can justify that wait, Covid can only be blamed for 8 months of that time.

If you are doing virtuals on a computer try headphones. I prefer my headphones to using the computer speakers for Zoom type meetings.

Good luck,

I use a one piece headset because I get noise distortion in my left ear, one to one is fine but meetings with multiple people are a struggle.

And the Dems want to bring “Medicare for all” (nationalized health care) to the USA. They need to see how that kind of system is working out in other countries.

Anyone in the UK is free to purchase hearing aids privately same as in the USA. If you want them through the NHS at no charge, then I admit, there are waiting times, the length depending on the area you live. Especially now with Covid. But for all it’s faults I cannot be critical of the healthcare system in the UK. I’ve been using it for 75 years and have nothing but praise for the dedicated staff, and treatment I have received over the years.


Nobody goes bankrupt in this country due to medical bills you clown. If you have a chronic condition, need chemotherapy, pre-existing conditions or genetic predisposition you don’t get penalised. Nobody dies here through lack of insulin. Everybody gets treatment free at the point of service, because we regard health as a basic human right.

This discussion was about the availability of services in different U.K. regions, please do not bring your ridiculous political posturing into the discussion.

Audiology is a fringe service, that is served by both the NHS and Private Services.


I reset being called a clown! I was merely making a point that in every country that I’m aware of (including Canada and the U.K.) wait times are extended. I happened to be visiting a friend in Vancouver when the government was trying to prevent locals from buying insurance for services that would cover services not readily be available in Canada.