I would love some input.
I got my hearing checked about 3 yrs ago and was told I have a mild progressive hearing loss. I am not sure how concerned I should be.

My audiogram is as follows:
Left Right
30 at 250 10 at 250
30 at 500 15 at 500
40 at 1k 25 at 1k
20 at 2k 25 At 2k
25 at 4k and 20 at 4k
10 at 6k 10 at 6k

Question what is DS? It shows left DS 100% at 60 dB
They gave me paperwork for to help deal with it and said that since most ins companys would not pay for a hearing aid I could try one of the listening devices made for hunters. I tried and my ears are so small they will not stay in my ear.

There are times now when I wish I had a listening device. Any suggestions on one for small ears?
How often should I have my hearing checked?
Thanks for any help,

They were correct because most insurence companies wont pay for it because they consider it as an elective and that the ability to hear is a privledge not a requirement (yes ins companies suck) in fact ive only seen a few ins companies cover the surgeries as well most consider them experimental. but every once in a while you may get lucky and an isurence that covers them. while looking online ive seen some hering aid insurences … ill be honest i know nothing about them im taking a look to see if they are fore real or scams