Hello i am new to the hearing aid world as I woke up 6 months ago with complete loss of hearing in my left ear. I did get some hearing back ( not much) going though the oral steroid treatment etc. I am seeing a ENT , and have had 4 hearing test with a audiologist . I am now test driving a Oticon Atco Pro and I do not think it is doing any thing for me. I am going with just the one ear for now. I had it adjusted once with the Audi putting in another shape cone end for smaller ear canals but I may need the custom ear mold for better results. I am taking this one back this week and plan on doing some more research before trying another hearing aid. Any suggestions on my journey. I have my audi results but do not know which ones to show hear? Help please!

To show your audiogram numbers you have to go into user cp, go to signature and install the numbers for you left and right ears going from 250hz on the left to 8,000 on the right and put the numbers from your graph underneath each. You can also include your speech discrimination numbers and srt numbers. Once you put all the numbers in hit save and you are done. As for you HA if you have had only one adjustment you probably are not at full amplification and could use some more time on your trial: talk to the audi about extending the time and see what they say. Good luck!

Went back for another adjustment and she also gave me one for the right ear. Now using aids in both ears to see if it helps. I now can adjust volume. Here are my audiogram numbers that I could understand.

I would make an appointment with a neurotologist. They are ENTs that have specialized in inner ear disorders. When my ENT misdiagnosed my clogged up hearing as meinere’s disease, i went to a meinere’s support board and found out about these specialists. I went to one and the first thing he did was schedule an MRI and balancing tests. Turns out I had an acoustic neuroma. Why my ENT never scheduled those tests, I’ll never know.

Sudden hearing loss is pretty severe. I would ask them for an MRI.

Thats the first thing they ordered. I had a MRI and it was fine and also had balance tests. They found I had Benign Positional Vertigo because I had very bad vetigo just after thew hearing loss. My ENT cured me of that with certain proceeures and told me it had nothing to do with my hearing loss. I will check acoustic neuroma out on the internet though. Thanks

They actually ruled out any inner ear problems

A lot of ENT’s take a wait and see attitude when it comes to acoustic neuroma’s and only take action when the tumor encroaches on the skull or god forbid the brain. This wait and see attitude usually gives you a dead ear when they finally do something because so much damage has been done to the middle ear. I’ve know two people who had accoustic neuroma’s and both had doctors that either took the wait and see attitude or mis diagnosed it altogether and waited to long to save the ear. So if you suspect somethings not right get a second or even a third opinion because accoustic neuroma’s can actually kill you.