Hi! For years my hearing has been deteriorating to the point where I now feel something has to be done. I have a plan through Aetna called HearPO who recommended me to a local provider who represents Starkey. I went for a consultation and had ear molds made but, aside from what they told me at the hearing center, know absolutely nothing about the products. I am somewhat vane and shave my head so I would prefer something totally in my ear canal which is what she recommended but I have now read that I can probably have them make one that is invisible in the canal which I prefer. If anyone out there has experience with this I would greatly value and appreciate your advice. Thanks so much.


My audiogram is below…thanks!

Based on your audiogram, you may suffer with significant occlusion from either a CIC or invisible canal hearing aid… the other issue that may reveal itself is the earplug effect. there is a fine line between enough amplification to make you hear, but at the same time make you feel comfortable with your own voice.

This is a call only you can make with some experience. If I saw you with this loss and this was your first time wearing hearing aids, I would have you try an open fit hearing aid first to get some experience with amplification, then have you fit with a canal hearing aid… that way you could compare and decide for yourself.

Wow, thank you so much. Very helpful :slight_smile:

Going to try the Soundlens. Will keep y’all posted :slight_smile:

Had my molds made yesterday. Was fine until she had to remove them in which case the vacuum they created made it quite painful until the pressure was released. Oh well, the price of vanity :slight_smile:

Oh I can imagine the pressure you felt in your ears… there is always a risk doing those types of impressions.

Keep me posted as to your experience with the soundlens.

During removal of an ear impression it can help to repeatedly yawn in order to break the air/vacuum seal.

Tried that and wish that it worked. The pain really was pretty bad but it didn’t last too long so it was well worth it (I hope).