Newbie seeking advice

I recently (Nov 2009) lost most of my hearing due to side effects of anti-malaria drugs (and was a bad case of malaria too) and ended up with the following audiogram:


R 50 55 90 95 105 110
L 30 55 75 95 100 95 110 105 110 85

I am not keen on getting CI (mainly due to fear of loss of the residual hearing and also time for adaption) and tried  a number of hearing aids. I finally settled on Bernafon VE 505 with P-receiver unit - it has been 4 months since I've had them. I do a decent job during one-on-one conversations in a quiet environment but have a hard time in a noisy environment, group discussion and anything by phone/TV. I realize my hearing loss is profound at high end and it may be difficult to do much, but here are my questions:
  1. Are there any other hearing aids that could be better, given my situation?
  2. Is there any other option outside cochlear implants (e.g., middle ear) that can retain my residual hearing (hoping that stem cells at some point will do the trick) and make a drastic difference?

Thanks in advance for any advice