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I have worn HAs in both ears since about 4 years old. I have been buying used digital, specifically Siemens Intuis and have done well with that. Recently bought a couple of pairs of Phonak, the Naida S 1 UP and Naida V UP. I am going to program them myself using the Target software and a ICube2. My question is as my loss is profound in both ears and I don’t have an audiogram, haven’t used an Audi in years as I do the ear molds through Lloyds, is it necessary to have an Audiogram to program them myself? Also is a cheap laptop with 2 gigs of RAM adequate to run the Target software? I really don’t want to use a Audiologist for an Audiogram if I can help it as I despise the hard sell.
Thanks for any input.

System requirements for Target are 4gb of RAM Phonak Target System Requirements | PhonakPro

Do read the DIY threads. You should start by finding and downloading the Target software and see what you think.

If you have a Costco somewhat nearby, you can get a “free” audiogram there, but it will cost you a $60 membership fee if you’re not already a member.
I’m not sure, but I think you have to input an audiogram to do the inital fitting. It would certainly make it a lot easier to program with a recent audiogram.

You can get a free hearing test at Costco even without being a member. Just call and make an appointment or go to the store and tell the person at the door you are their for a hearing test or to make an appointment. The only time you will need to be a member is if you buy the HA’s from them. The same goes for eye exams.

It might vary some from store to store. I was told I needed to be a member to schedule a hearing test.

Now that the Costco ad is over the answer the original poster’s question is yes the Target program has what they call audiogram direct. That will put you in the ballpark of the correct settings. Normally one would do the feed-back test first. Just follow the normal tabbed workflow and it should work out. Download the Phonak fitting guide for a look at ho w to proceed.

Thanks all,
Well, looks like I’ll have to find someone to do an Angiogram, just hate to go through that as I’m not interested in purchasing their product. There is a few in my area, maybe one will do it if I pay for it.

Ummm, with audiogram direct you do your own audiogram through the aids using the Target program. I found it quite useful as the professional audiologist I had didn’t please me.

使用目标软件的“Audiogram Direct”功能,它会给你 一个听力图 ,而只是AC和UCL,没有BC。


Cheer up dude…

I suggest you skip the Angiogram!

It’s Audiogram, not Angiogram.

Maybe you are missing the point. You don’t have to buy any product to get an Audiogram. Just show up, get tested, then say these words. I need some time to compare the hearing aids that you are recommending to other brands. Also, I need a copy of my Audiogram. Don’t take No for an answer to getting a copy of your Audiogram. It’s your medical history and you need it for discussing your hearing loss on Internet forums such as this. Don’t leave without a copy of your Audiogram. With Costco it’s easy/peasy. With a local Audi it may be more contentious.

Also, since you are acquiring Hearing Aids/HAs from different manufacturers you may want to consider using a mini Pro/Hi Pro/cables/etc instead of the iCube II wireless programming device. Instead of being limited to a single platform from a single manufacturer, you would gain the ability to program a large variety of HAs.

Here’s some links,
>>mini Pro/Hi Pro/cables/etc VS convenient Wireless Programming Device<<

>>Links for Hearing Aid Self Programming and Self Programmers<<

Thanks for the info,
I finally figured out that I’ll be able to to the audiogram with the software through the aids.I’ll try that first as there is no Costco near me, might even work out better. For now I’ll stick with the Cube as the Phonak aids have worked out very well and don’t see changing brands in the any time in the next few years. As for Audio/Angiogram…autocorrect sucks.