Newbie needs info on Kirkland Signature 7.0 vs. ReSound Cala

I went for my hearing test yesterday and had booked the appointment over a month ago due to lack of spots open. I had originally thought I would get the Kirkland 6.0 because of the price point (minimal coverage) and the fact that I have an iphone 6. I was informed that the 6.0 was no longer available and that the equivalent was the ReSound Cala and that the Kirkland 7.0 was the old Rexton Trax 42. I have mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears, so will need 2. I am looking at ordering the KS7.0 to try for the 90 days.
Can anybody shed light on the differences between the two as the audiologist I saw said the only difference is the Cala is a bit larger and has the iphone capability, which I cannot justify the $1,160 more for.

I went in recently with the intentions of looking at the KS6 among others. However, the KS7 replaced the 6 before my appointment. I walked around the store with the KS7’s and the Cala’s. I debated back and forth as I thought both were good, but I did feel like I could hear more with the Cala. Only after I made my choice, my fitter offered that my experience was very common. I had tried some other models in an audi’s office (not any kind of extended trial), and I felt both the KS7 and Cala’s were as good or better than the others I had tried. In the US, the Cala’s are $900 more than the KS7. Good luck with whatever way you go. Nice to know you have a long trial period.

Thanks for the info. I went back today, but they said they would not let me try either one around the store, but that I had to make a purchase and if it did not work, then I could try the other one. Didn’t sound right to me.

When I went with my mother to the Costco hearing center in Ottawa, we were told that health regulations meant that they weren’t allowed to do let people do in store demos, even if the receivers were changed.

I have been comparing the Costco Resound Lynx2/Cala and Kirkland/Rexton KS7 (Siemens). Have been advised that one difference is the Rexton HAD some problems with moisture/humidity, but have added a coating that is suppose to fix it. The Costco Techs (2) said the Resound has better circuitry, reliability, and service;however, warranty seems the same. Neither one is Bluetooth except with a EXTRA Clip to buy; however, the REXTON has an Excellent free Android App that does not require the Clip if you don’t need Bluetooth. The RESOUND does not support Android without the Clip except for I-Phones and some Samsung phones. The REXTON app lets you control volume, microphone and other items. I called Resound about their app and the Tech, who was not honest, said Rexton was the same as ReSound and required a Clip. I called Rexton and this is not true & you can find their app on Google. So, If you don’t want to pay an extra $200.00+ for a Clip, plus another $600 more for the Resound, and have to run back to get your HA adjusted all the time at Costco, the REXTON (Kirkland) is probably a better Value. IF you do not like Kirlland/Rexton, you can return in w/i 180days and buy the Resound. To me Resound is not worth $800 or more just because they want to sell a Clip and not write a good App for all Android phones.

Jerry, you seem to really be exercised over how the Resounds works with Android. That is because the BT chip/driver in android won’t do the BTLe (low power) that Apple has pioneered. The KS7 app doesn’t use BT it uses HF signals. Rexton, Octicon, Starkey have the Apple tech under license. All three operate the same with Android. If you want to get mad at somebody, I’d suggest Android manufacturers and the BT standards committee.

I tried both and thought both were very good. The Phone Clip + comes with the Cala, not an extra. The Cala was $900 more ($2600 vs $1700).

I just got the Cala 8s. You have a choice between the Phone Clip or the remote with the Cala 8 at Costco in the US. You don’t pay extra for it. They forgot to tell me this when I got the aids (I think I was the first Cala 8 sale they made) but they called a couple of days later and told me. I’m not unhappy that they forgot because I get to figure out which will work best for me. I installed the Resound Smart App on my iPhone 5 and want to try it out and compare to the remote. I’d rather not carry two remotes around (phone and dedicated remote) if they work about the same.

You made the right choice in getting the clip. It has basic adjustments – program and volume change. When you install the app you get the other features – base and treble. It also can adjust to location. The sound is super. I find it was superior to the sound from my iphone.

I tried the Cala in the store. I thought it was very tinny, but I am a first time HA trialer. The HAD told me that the Cala was their top of the line aid. I’d be interested in learning what others have thought of these two aids. I am hoping to order the KS7’s soon.

I have a pair of Cala 8’s ordered and am waiting to be fitted - open domes. I have some 3 year old Rextons that will now be my back-up HA’s. I tried the Rexton streaming devices three years ago…but none were up to the task and I returned those items but kept the HA’s at that time. (not sure why??)

I’m hoping these Cala’s will provide the experience I was hoping for when I got the Rextons. TV is not much good for me…and the phone is a challenge. My recognition has gone south. So…I hope these will provide the improvements.

Often I wonder about RIC vs my open-domes. But my Costco advisor is steering me to the open fit again. I am getting the larger 13 battery size and somewhat larger aids.

Gotta trust somebody.

I am also considering KS 7.0 vs Cala. Appt. is tomorrow. I have an iPhone 6s. If I understand these posts correctly, iPhone streams using HF signals instead of Bluetooth tech for the KS 7.0. Is there a Bluetooth option at all on the KS 7.0 without a separate device? I am actually more concerned about streaming from/for my tv than my phone. Just don’t want to spend $900 more if not necessary for bells and whistles I won’t use.

There is no streaming with the KS 7.0 without a separate device. So for TV, you’d need an EasyTek and a transmitter. I’m not sure how the remote app works with iphones on the Cala 8. The remote app on the KS7.0 uses HF signals to send signals to the hearing aids.

Ever consider getting the aids that you hear best with?

that is fine to say but my experience with costco in Canada is they will not let you test any out or wear on store so you have to make a decision based on factors like these.

I believe that is Canadian Laws rather than Costco. That shouldn’t stop you from actually trialing more than one brand.

Are you sure about that? I didn’t try, so I don’t know directly. But it would be interesting to find out.

Okay so I did call one of the local Vancouver Costco clinics, and they were pretty much, nah. Good to know!

If you READ… ‘Demo’ aids are not allowed be it Costco or any other outlet in Canada. You can still BUY a pair just like in the US and have a totally expense free to you, trial of 90 days vs 180 in the US. Anyone who bases a purchase of aids on a store walk around is silly.

Yes I’ve always wondered how that could be much good, just walking around in the store, and presumably with nothing beyond an initial auto-fit.

And as you say, they did say I could return them, and start over with something else.

What about the person with mild to moderate loss who can get by without aids and is skeptical about their worth. The person subject to SEVERE criticism from their spouse but gets by day to day. That person must be convinced of the their worth. I would think a store walk around would be just the thing.