New to Me Naida Aids


I am 64 yrs old and have been on disability for 4 years. Medicare doesn’t pay for any hearing aids and they do cover the cost of cochlear implant.
My healthcare insurance plan pays me 1500 dollars a year and it can not be added up toward next year.

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if you are watching he budget, there are Costco, on line hearing aid companies like audicus, and discount services like zip hearing , and true hearing that might be less costly



I know about these companies. However Phonak will not accept Phonak aids for repair from online sellers under warranty.



If you are referring to me, I do self programming. Try to find top of the line aids that are a year old or so.
Otherwise, I sure would be heading to Costco.

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I self program mine as well and managed to pick up 2017 Phonak Brio 1s for $320 or £300.

I hear very well out of them altho my left is a little quiet as it’s slightly underpowered.

I will never stop self programming. I hear loads better since starting to self program in 2011.



About a month ago my wife and I went to the audiologist to check on our hearing. The HIS checked me out and put top of the line Starkey aids on me. During the word recognition test I got one word right. She was talking to my wife and making faces??? She was pushing the most expensive aids on both of us. My wife’s hearing is actually pretty good.
When we got home I put my 13 year old self programmed Phonaks on and could hear pretty good.



With my wife’s help we made earmold impressions. We were both very nervous about doing it but as it turned out making the impressions was very easy, absolutely no pain. Won’t be long now to get the Naida aids going with power slim tubes.
Lloyd’s hearing aid sent enough material to make two impressions for each ear just to make sure you were comfortable with the process. They have been very helpful.



The new earmolds from Lloyd’s came in yesterday. They are clear soft silicone, canal with lock and 1mm vent. I highly recommend Lloyd’s.

The Naida V90 aids are a huge step up from the Exelia Art aids I have been using. Between the molds and newer aids I already have better word recognition. Hopefully in time that will improve even more.

One question concerning noise when walking. Not the shoe or foot hitting the floor noise. This is a deep sound in the ear from the molds I believe. Each step makes a deep drum sound in my head. Trying to figure that out.

The Compilot2, TVLINK2, iPad along with my antiquated Samsung S3 phone are functioning great with the the aids. Might have to turn some of the notifications off. Lots of sounds from the phone and iPad.