New to lyric

Anyone have some advice about live music experience with lyric? First concert in a club wasn’t great. Distorted screeching when the band ramped it up. Mellow stuff was fine. Only workaround was low volume setting + AirPods.
Turning them off and using them as ear plugs blocked too much sound. Sleep setting wasn’t good.

Surprisingly I think I’ll get used to an object in my ears. Itchy, occasional brief slight pain will probably go away.

Major help with tinnitus that I’ve for several months after a loud show. I thought I’d have to live with it forever.

One ear feels clogged/occluded creating an in-my-head echo quality to my speaking voice. Probably needs to be refit ?

Love the immediate snap, crackle and pop of the newly sensed real world even if it’s not 100 % natural sounding.