New to hearing aids

My hearing has been getting worse. Sorry, I don’t know how how to read the hearing chart the audiologist gave me. She told me it was in the moderate range. My question is - how do you go about getting them . My insurance pays 1,500 towards them . Do I use the insurance or get them at Costco ? Is there any benefit to buying them at the drs office? Also, one of my biggest issues is ringing in the ear. It’s constant , both ears. It there a hearing aid that helps with it? Thank you very much.

Does your insurance require you to use an in-network provider? Costco doesn’t contract with any insurance companies, but if you have out-of-network benefits, you can purchase from Costco and then submit your own claim. Many people find using hearing aids helps to alleviate their tinnitus.

Regarding your ringing in the ears. In many cases hearing aids alone help a great deal on that. The ringing seems to be your brains response to not rearing certain frequencies anymore and for may of us simple getting those sounds back through the HAs makes it lot less noticeable. Many brand offer tinnitus masking (producing some sort of white noise in the HA), but you may not need that. I have tinnitus in both ears and I am very rarely bothered by it when I wear my aids and I do not have the tinnitus masking. Costco aids do not have tinnitus masker, but other than that they are as good as aids you get anywhere else. That is according to numerous posts in this forum, I dis not get my own aids form Costco.