New to hearing aids

Hello everyone,

A brief introduction, I’m a 28 year old guy and for the last 10 years or so I new something wasn’t quite right with my hearing. I just chalked it up to “it was all in my head” sometimes, I thought I was going crazy like when I would hang out with people and would totally mishear the things that they would say and the odd looks I would get when I would respond to peoples questions with answers that made no sense because I misheard their questions. I’m sure a lot of people on here may be able to relate.

It wasn’t until recently that I realized just how much my hearing loss was impacting me. Going on job interviews and asking the interviewer to repeat themselves (especially if the interviewer was female) really started to drive me crazy. My mother was the first person to suggest that I may have a hearing problem and I should get it checked out and she actually set up an appointment with an audiologist because she knew I would probably keep putting it off.

I went to the local audiologist and wasn’t shocked when she showed me the results and suggested that I should get hearing aides, I was relived that I wasn’t going crazy and that it was something that I might be able to improve.

I have put off getting hearing aids until I could save up enough money to get a decent pair. I Have been looking into picking up a pair of resound versa and was wondering if I should hold off until the new resound hearing aids with built in Bluetooth hit the market in the next few months. Any suggestions would be great my audiology exam results are in my signature, I know my loss isn’t that bad but if anybody who has a Similar hearing loss and had good results by getting hearing aids I would greatly appreciate any suggestions


Hey Mac,

You should do great with hearing aids, especially the RIC style you’re looking at. If I were you, yes, I would wait for the LiNX to come out. Almost everyone that I fit with a loss like yours keeps their hearing aids, you should do well, especially if your discrimination scores are close to 100%. Good luck


Thanks for the info, this site has been a real help.

Hi Mac,

I’m hearing-impaired by birth. And I first began to use a hearing aid when I was 24 years old. Since then, it’s been a must for me for about 28 years. Good luck.

How much were you quoted for the Verso’s if you don’ t mind the question.


The audiologist quoted me around 6500 with a 2 year warranty for the verso9 and Around 7500 with a three year warranty, this was about 4 months ago. My audiologist was located just outside Philadelphia not sure if prices vary by region or if that price was in line with what other resound audiologist dealers charge…This was my fist experience with an audiologist and I was pretty shocked at the price so I did some research and discovered that resound was bringing to market a newer product the linx sometime in the beginning of 2014… I figured I should hold off and get the latest tech possible since I wouldn’t be able to afford a new pair for a few years after purchase. I also happen to use my iPhone a lot for business/personnel use which the linx apparently works well with. Hopefully the linx doesn’t cost more than 7000 or I might have choose another brand or hit the lotto.

Mac, the LiNX 9 is about 5 percent more expensive than the Verso 9, but that’s based on cost to your audi. Who knows how much he/she will mark it up when selling to you.

If you’re interested in the Verso 9, you should consider the Costco Kirkland Signature 5.0 instead. It’s made by ReSound and is nearly identical to the Verso 962 (312 RIC with volume control buttons), but it only costs $1900/pair.

More info here:

I think my Phonak Audeo Q90’s are excellent hearing aids - one of the best on the market. But I must say that the Verso 9/KS5 has a few advantages important for the OP.

The Costco/Resound hearing aid has superior Bluetooth technology. The free iPhone app is fantastic but even the included remote has a display screen so you can see the program and volume settings at a glance. The buttons on the aids themselves control both volume and program selection - up and down. And the Resound intermediate device is a lot smaller and lighter and does not require a neck loop.

Phonak advantages are that it is a much smaller aid, the domes are grey and dont discolor with use, and for me personally they are more natural sounding. I really like the sound fidelity of my Phonak’s, but unfortunately I get distortion from one of my aids with music and many common background sounds. Gain and compression adjustments have failed to produce a satisfactory solution and my audiologist has admitted that it does seem to be a known problem with the Phonak’s for some wearers. The OP has a similar hearing loss to mine on paper so he may have issues too - or maybe he wont.

Im not saying you’re wrong Steven, but no hearing aid is perfect and Phonak will not be the best choice for everyone. If I was 28 years old like the OP and looking for a premium hearing aid with top of the line technology/Bluetooth, I would seriously consider waiting for the new Resound Linx. If wanted the best “bang-for-the-buck” aid, the Costco KS5 would be at the top of my list.