New to hearing aids

Hi everyone.

I am brand new to wearing hearing aids but not to hearing loss. I have pretty severe hearing loss in my right ear and a mild/moderate loss in my right. I finally took the plunge and my audiologist and ent couldn’t be happier. They picked out the widex mind 220 for me. I have a skeleton ear molds and they clog all. The. Time. I have to clean them out twice a day, the vents get clogged so easily.
Is there something that will not clog as easily? It is really annoying. I am essentially having to carry around the cleaning tools with me wherever I go. Is this normal?
I am also having some feedback issues in one of the aids. Not all the time but def if I get something up close to my ear.
my other big concern with these is talking on my cellphone. I can only use speakerphone now. It is too muffled trying to talk, when I try holding it up to the speaker portion it is muffled.

So I have only been wearing these four days. Are these issues something that I will adjust to or will I need to start looking around for something different? My husband and I agree that is this is going to be an every 5-7 year purchase that we don’t mind spending more. My hearing

Sorry to cut off like that I will have to get to a computer my phone hates me… I will come. Back and edit my original post in a bit.