New to hearing aids

Hello folks… long time forum user, first timer on this forum and first time with HA`s.

Just got my trial runhearinmg aids from a local audiologist, here in Ontario, Canada.

They are Starkey, S Series iQ 11 ric. He quotes me a very expensive price at $5100.00 for two. So, I`m having a look around.

One site I found is and in speaking to one of their representatives, I was told this:

He can supply the same Starkey HA`s for about $1,500 each.

He says he does not like the receiver in eartype because he feel that with the moisture there, there is a danger from corrosion of the metal parts. Comments?

He also suggested an alternative, the Audina Sparo 12. Here`s the link:…=93&Itemid=120


What do you think about his comment re corrosion?

Have you any experience with

Have you any experience with the Audina Sparo 12?

Any other suggestions, comments?


Not familiar with the company, but looking at their list of Phonak aids, they are all old models, in fact, the one I picked as a sample is analog even.

Buyer beware. Sometimes you do get what you pay for … if not most times.

Why not Unitron they have very very good products + they are a canadian company
they have excellent support there.

Well, after the audiologist let me try a high-end HA - the Starkey iQ for a couple of weeks, I returned it. I bought a cheapie… the Accoustitone Pro. it cost me about $200 and I cannot tell the difference between it and the $5,000 model.

I saw so many good reviews of this HA and I figured it was not much risk at $200 and I must say i`m very pleased with it.

I`ll be buying a second one soon.

Somehow, I find this review of this Lee Majors Bionic Ear, the same exact device by it’s other name, to be a bit more believeable:

"I bought this item to try and offset the cost of a professional hearing aid. It really does help, but it’s inability to filter out background noise makes it unpleasant in crowded situations. And the sound is a bit digital in my opinion. If you can afford it, I recommend buying a better quality hearing aid. You do get what you pay for in this case. "

That is copied/pasted from a review on … one place the Accoustitone Pro is sold.

I for one fully believe that you DO get what you pay for. An off-the-shelf non-programmable sound amplifier verses a professionally designed and personally fitted and programmed hearing instrument. It may work if your hearing does not matter to you. But if you have to hear correctly in order to perform your job, or to not look like a fool going “Huh?” all the time … I’ll take the real thing any day. Even Costco offers the professional serviced variety if you want to go lower cost.

Too many people are misled by thinking the best HA is also the most expensive. In reality, the best HA is the one that works best for YOU.

Judging by all the complaints on this forum about expensive HA’s, it seems that “you get what you pay for” does not apply to HA’s.

I bought a Siemens Lotus 13P for 120.00. It has 3 adjustment trimmers for fitting and works almost as good as my 1,000.00 America Hears aid.

One thing for certain, there ARE A LOT of cheap HA’s out there that are completely useless. I know,because I’ve bought a few of them.