New Starkey Inspire OS 3.0 Aid Programming Software

Since I just installed my copy today, I thought I would put this link up for anyone that might be interested in the latest version of the programming software.

I’ve been playing around with my hearing aids for much of the day. The software has a lot of very nice tools for fine tuning an aid, and demonstrating aids to a patient. There’s a new hearing loss simulator to explain loss to patients and their families. Surround Town 3D sound simulator has been expanded both graphically and acoustically.

There’s an integrated speech mapping system which looks very interesting. Also the ability to flash hearing aids with the latest firmware.

Also the new Zōn aid is supported, along with mini Destiny BTEs, and the eXtreme power CIC.

So far, I’m impressed with the release. Frankly Starkey used to be quite weak with their programming software, but Inspire has really stepped up to the plate. Version 3.0 is their best effort yet.

I saw the demo at Audiology on line
the 3d looks nice
does it have a binarual HL simul?

it is not available to donwload right?

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I see audibel is also advertising the “Blu-Wave” technology. I have a question. Can the older model Destiny’s be upgraded through a firmware update to use all the new stuf in the new software? Thanks, Howie

you are able to update starkey destiny

I have been playing with Inspire 3 for a few days. Like some of the new features but it seems unfinished.

The Surround Town tabs are half new and half old and the new features are going to be exclusive to the 1600 and Zon.7 products (Noise & Speech in Noise).

Speech mapping is very nice, though it is not included in the 200 (2Ch/8Band basic model) model of the Destiny and as a result it has had SoundView removed.

So far as I can tell there is no need to upgrade the firmware on existing 1200/800/400/200 models as there really are not any new features coming to those models that are not half-finished UI improvements.

Well in all fairness when you consider just how cheap the 200 is, it is only fair that it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. It is really not designed to be anything other than a most basic digital aid.

The firmware does seem to be good enough on recently made aids. They’ve probably had this version of firmware out for a while.

I recently fitted a problem patient with a set of 1600 CICs, using the new software. He was thrilled with the sound quality, which seemed to be better than what we had achieved on the previous version of the software.

You are right about Surround Town. I don’t know why they left the old versions in without updating them. Strikes me as a little lazy.

And while we are bitching, the PFS software SUCKS!!! Good Lord it is a mess. It looks like it was written by a blind man for Windows 98.

Thankfully you don’t have to use it much, but still, I just wish they would update it to be more modern.

I’m looking forward to my next fitting, I just purchased the new USB programming box. I hated PFS Connect and HiPRO.

Damn, I wish I lived closer to TN…:frowning:


Im curious what you sell the 200 for, cause in my office it isnt at the “basic” digital price point. Now that I have fit my first ZON.7 as well as a recently updated 1600 CIC w/ Inspire 3 and I can say it was very nice. PFS does suck though…when someone comes in with the old Sequel or Aspecpt or DaVinci I cringe, I cant wait till the day I have converted all those people to Inspire based devices and I can un-install that software.

BTW Ive been using the NoahLink for almost a year…it is really an awesome tool. I could fit a hearing anywhere with no problems!

I charge between $1,200 and $1,600, depending on how it is optioned.

In my area a non-programmable class D type of aid tends to sell from $899-$999 without options. Therefore, I figured $1,200 was not bad considering the feedback suppression is so good on that aid.

I’ve not tried NoahLink. I may look at it down the road. For now I will just live with the ugly brown user interface before I get to Inspire!

any one sells Phonak Una or a GN ziga?
what price, seems like a great value

What is the price of a pair of Destiny 1200 CIC’s down Johnson City way? I am looking at getting a pair soon.

Thanks !!

I read the posts on the Inspire software and ZCT had one that said he dowloaded it last May. The site has changed because it is no longer on the site for download, just the PDF reference guide. Does anyone has a good link for the Inspire software so I can view it?

Hereis the official download server for public.

Many thanks for your link!

Hi, is very interested the new software. How can I have a copy? it’s possible you can burn for me??

I have the older version of the software. Are you able to send me the link to their server? Thank you in advance.

You do realize that clicking the hyperlink in my post will link you to their ftp server? If this is not what you meant, could you please make your question more clear?

You made it clear. Thank you. Not sure why i did not realize that earlier. Got it now. Thanks.

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What directory is it in?

I can’t figure out how to properly install once downloaded