New Samsung TV, can't use headphones and speakers at the same time


Yep. Minimal information to begin with. No acknowledgement of suggestions. The only “thank you” in the topic comes from a third party who found some piece of information useful. I think we can say this topic is done.

Btw, I have a sneaking suspicion that some Samsung tvs have Bluetooth radios but Bluetooth is disabled in firmware. You can get into the engineering menus if you are keen enough. Personally I don’t like the latency you get with standard Bluetooth audio when watching tv, though. I wouldn’t bother.


On the menuing within the sound options of my Samsung 55" UHD you can set the sound to go to external speakers (my Sonos bar is connected via the optical cable) and turn the internal speakers on or off. With a sound bar it produces a weird echo, but if you took the Optical out and ran that to a TV streamer you’d be fine. You can then independently adjust the TV volume while using your TV streamer to set your own volume.

I assume that if you need to decode the Optical signal and output that on RCA plugs you could get an adapter on-line. Or buy a set of headphones with an ‘Optical-in’ for yourself for Christmas?


In his case it would be optical to a dac to his Sennheiser headphones base station but it should work. Assuming anyway that optical is always on (which it is on my tv and many others) regardless of what the audio settings may say.


What brand and model of hearing aids do you have


What does that matter when the OP wants to use their Sennheiser wireless headphones?