New Samsung TV, can't use headphones and speakers at the same time


I think this one might work better. It does not come with the optical or coax cable, though. This is assuming the wireless headphone transmitter will work on line level output.


The headphones have worked fine on 2 older TV’s just plugged into RCA jacks. I have to see if the new TV has Bluetooth, if it does the Bluetooth amplifier you suggested may work. Now we worry about latency issues…


My new Samsung TV has more options when you go to the accessibility menu. I am able to connect my hearing aids through bluetooth without turning off the tv speakers. The slight delay between speaker sound and bluetooth sound is problematic though.

I dont think the menu specified bluetooth. Enable your headsets for pairing and then select the option to search for additional speakers.


Yeah, I was wondering about that delay. It’s called latency and I can’t stand it.


Irritatingly Spectrum cable chose to make their new cable box turn off the optical out when hdmi is in use. It still lights but no signal.

I bought a hdmi splitter and put that between the box and tv. Then I fed the second hdmi into a box that breaks out the audio and provides an optical out. Into that I plugged a Bluetooth transmitter. (Two other hdmi feeds to other tv’s in other rooms)

HDMI Splitter 1X4 4 Port Hub Repeater Amplifier v1.4 3D 1080p 1 in 4 out
HDMI to HDMI & SPDIF + RCA L/R Audio Extractor Converter Splitter

(To get the hdmi to spdif splitter to work its’ hdmi out must connect to a tv hdmi in. I just ran it to the tv hdmi 2 )


If I were to set it up again I would try one of these to just split the spdif signal between the tv and sound bar.


Yes this is what I bought. To hook up take one Toslink cable from TV to the Tendak splitter, then Toslink cable from the splitter to the soundbar and another Toslink cable from the splitter to the headphone (or hearing aid) transmitter. Now you will have sound from the TV to the soundbar and to the headphones(or hearing aid transmitter) at the same time.


This topic seems to have 4 people talking about 6 different things.

He never mentioned that he had a problem with the audio quality from his tv. A soundbar will only solve his problem if it allows a headset to be plugged in without shutting down the sound from the soundbar’s speakers. Unless anyone knows of a specific model of soundbar that allows this…? My Pioneer amp by the way has the same problem as his tv. Plugging in a headset shuts off the speakers. Many (most?) amps work that way

His problem has nothing to do with Bluetooth. His Sennheiser system almost certainly doesn’t use it. The product firenzel linked to will likely do exactly what he wants, but he won’t know for sure until he tests it.


could you please post the complete model name of your Samsung UHD TV


Popular model, great picture. UN43NU7100FXZC


For completeness what is the headphone model?

Here are the TV specs.

It has Dolby audio so my Amazon link is the better solution based on specs. If plugging in the optical output mutes the speakers then a splitter and sound bar may be needed.


Sennheiser RS120, have 2 sets, work well for me.



With bluetooth headphones there is an option under “Accessibility” to listen to the Headphones and the Television speakers simultaneously.


Thank you for the headphone information.

They are wireless by not Bluetooth. The base requires an analog audio signal. Since they say it will work with headphone or R A jacks, it likely can accept line level recording output.

Since television audio is mainly digital today, this presents a challenge.


i use a variety of Bluetooth headphones and ear buds to connect to my Samsung TV.
They have their own volume controls and do not interfere with the TV speakers and don’t require a wired connection to the TV just Bluetooth pairing which can be found under “sound settings”.


And for the third time, there is no Bluetooth option on this model…


Now I know why you picked Recoil Bob. Just trying to help dude…didn’t read all the way through the threads.


Apparently your reading skills are lacking, it’s Recoil Rob…


That bridge behind you is on fire.
People are just trying to help here. No need for snark.
I happened to recently get the same series of tv as you. Bluetooth wasn’t something I was shopping for but learning after the fact that it doesn’t have bluetooth is perhaps a little disappointing considering the expense.
I haven’t got it all set up yet though so I haven’t explored it.