New Resound Linx2 - 9

I have had my HA now for a week, here is what I have learned so far and have trouble with, I can hear things that I haven’t in awhile I notice that the TV volume has come down a bunch ( actually wife noticed this ) all in all I have been very pleased with the results so far but have found 3 things that bother me one of which I am sure is normal but the top of my ear where the tube comes across is tender, figure this will pass as I get used to wearing the HA’s the two other items are I put a restaurant in as a favorite in the IPhone app and anytime I drive by the place the HA’s beep and change settings then beep again to go back to the automatic settings I think all in all that its cool that I can walk in a place and the setting change for that location will have to work on tweaking this some. the other issue I have is that if I play a game on the iPhone although I have the volume of the game turned off I get static feed back the whole time that the app is up and running. has anyone else experienced this?

The tenderness will go away as your skin gets accustomed to the new irritant. I find the tube on one side won’t lay flat
and AM constantly messing with it. The other side sits nice and flush.
On the restaurant setting, I guess that you saved this location as a favorite which ties that setting into the address.
In the app, go into your favorites and delete this location. That will stop it from switching over automatically.
The restaraunt app is pretty useless in my opinion. If you want to mess with it, do it when you are in the location.

as far as gaming, I don’t use the HAs for it since the bass is so lousy. Use a regular set of earbuds and save the battery life.

thanks for the info and yes I find myself pushing on the tube regularly also trying to get them to lay flush, as far as the gaming goes I do not use the HA for gaming I have volume turned off, (poker and solitare) that is the issue I have volume on the games in their app turned off and the phone set to silent but when I open the app I automatically get the static in the HA’s I have to close it out completely on the phone so its not running in background or all I hear is static.

Try this on your iPhone:

Go into Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Aids and turn off “Hearing Aids Play Ringtones”.

If that doesn’t work, call Resound. Their customer service was very quick and pleasant when I called.

My OPNs do the same thing with Bejeweled even though I have the sound slid all the way over. Apparently some games don’t let you turn the sound completely off.