New ReSound LiNX Quattro CIC is larger than my old hearing aid

Hi guys,

Just after some advice. I got fitted for a new CIC resound quattro recently. It’s huge compared to my old cic. See attached photo. Should I accept it or get another brand cic. Apparently the feedback from resound is that they can’t make my cic any smaller due to my small ear canels. I like this product because of the Bluetooth connectivity.

I would say it is because of the Bluetooth that they are larger, they have to have room for the antenna for the Bluetooth.

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The most important factor is its capability to provide better overall speech recognition. Cosmic is a far secondary factor.


Why did you go with CIC vs mini BTE’s? I’ve worn both and almost nobody notices that I wear mini BTE hearing aids plus the Sound is better with the dual microphones. The Quattro’s are excellent so good choice brand wise.

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Your new HA’s better match your skin color so I would think they’d be less noticeable just on that basis than your old ones. You might be fixating on size when actually, for reasons of self-consciousness, you’re better off with the new ones for the actual less noticeability aspect. Perhaps bigger means more battery, too?

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