New phonak receivers?

I’ve recently seen some changes in the marvel receivers, there are the 4.0 and the 5. Does anyone here know the differences?

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It’s a new design for the wax filters plus “Sound Delivery System” for whatever that means, I think it’s sound output is the same as 4.0

I’m curious how they are different if everything is the same design wise?

They are the same but for a redesign to use the cerustop, a slight curve at the end.

That sounds wonderfully helpful!! The disk wax traps are awful

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Whoever designed the old ones needs…the 4.0 ones are horrible.

I still have them.

A follow-up question you’re likely to have is: How can I tell the difference between the receivers? Spotting the difference is easy – the new CeruStop receivers have a white line next to the size/power indicator.


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Thank you! You’ve helped a lot

I have new Power receivers on my Paradise P90Rs. I want the new 5.0’s!

Dave L

I hate the blasted 4.0’s. Because of the waxguards.