New Phonak Charging Case with Power Bank

Has anyone seen any information about a new Phonak charging case which can be used with other brand power banks?

While getting ready for a long airplane trip, I was in contact with customer service to determine if there is a power bank which can be used with Phonak charging cases. The new information I received is that a new case was available August 26 which can be used with power banks.

I have not been able to find any information about this on the Internet and have not had a chance to contact my audiologist since I am leaving shortly.

Perhaps other folks might be interested in this new equipment.

What type of input does your charger take? Many devices these days use USB. If that is the case there are quite inexpensive power packs available at Costco and the like which are intended to charge cell phones that should work. Also many planes have USB outlets, and even 110 volt AC. You would have to contact the airline to find out what services are available on your plane and your particular seat.

The Phonak Marvel charging case has a travel bank for charging, and I do have it. The new Phonak charging case is supposed to work with power banks. The power bank has to be compatible with the charging case so the Anker power bank I can use with my IPad or cell phone will not work with the Phonak charging case. All this has to do with the technical specifications of the charging case and the power bank.

I got one of these off of Ebay, only mine was only $45. It has a USB C charging port.

You can also get these Audeo B era chargers on Amazon or Ebay. I think they will work with the Marvels. I saw it stated somewhere that all the Audeo chargers were the same, but I won’t stake my life on it. :wink:

It is true that the stock charging case that came with your Marvels has a MicroUSB input and can work with any USB power bank. However, I post these mini chargers because they could be handy for travel. That’s why I got my mini case.

Only drawback is no provision for desiccant dehumidification.

Well, the problem is that the Anker power bank which I do have and which I did try out with my Phonak charging case DOES NOT WORK with the charging case. I confirmed this with Phonak US Consumer Liaison []. I am simply wondering if anyone on this forum has seen or heard about the brand new charging case which will work with any power bank. It was released August 26 according to the Phonak US Consumer Liaison person who replied to my query.

My understanding is that the normal charger for a charging case is a small plug in the 110 volt socket USB charger with a micro USB connector. If that is the case any portable power bank with a micro USB cord should work. The nice thing about USB is that the voltage is standardized at 5 volts. The max amp can be different (usually in the range of 500 ma to 1.5 amp) but all that effects is the charging rate. They are still compatible.


As a check look at the label on the normal AC charger. It should specify the voltage output and amp capacity.

I have the Anker 1000 PowerCore. It has 5v=2.4 A with max input of 2A. On the Anker forum, I learned that the Phonak Marvel hearing aids drawn very low power for the Anker 212000 PowerCore, so it shuts down. This model has to USB ports so the person was able to charge his hearing aids and his cell phone at time same time with the PowerCore device.

Just the hearing aids alone draw very low power and the PowerCore shuts down. The 1000 PowerCore has only one USB port so I am unable to test this with more than one charging device.

Again, I’m not looking for a way to charge the hearing aids, I am simply wondering if anyone has heard about the new charging case.

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You may want to find a power storage device that does not shut down with a low current draw.

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I just tested it with an Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000.

I plugged in the charging case alone (no HA’s). The light on the case came on but then shut off after 2 minutes.

I triggered the battery “on” with its button and then put my Marvels in the charging case (see below), and it charged for 2 minutes and then shut off.

I then re-triggered the battery “on” with its button and added my cell phone and charging cable to the other port on the battery. The HA’s (and phone) remained charging for 5 minutes. When I removed my phone from the battery, it again shut off after 2 more minutes.

Unfortunately, as others guessed, you need a less fancy battery without auto-off, or charge your HA’s with your phone (e.g., at night).

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If you cant find a new case how about getting the Phonak Power Pack that plugs into the bottom of the existing Phonak case?
I got one on ebay and has been great for camping off the grid

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3 available at the time of this post. $39.95

Thanks for the information, but I already do have a Phonak Power Pack.

I just wanted to know about the new charger case which the Phonak person said was available August 26.

Haven’t heard about this. In a quick scan of the Web I didn’t come up with anything.

They’d have to just be putting a bigger load on the incoming power line, which would waste battery power.

Actually just did a web search and what people are doing is pulsing a load of 100-200mA but at a very low duty cycle to minimize the power drain. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a commercial version of this.

Oops, found one. This one probably drains your battery more than the pulse circuit above, though, but it would work.

Then you could use any of the existing charger cases, in case that “new” case described to you by the condescending representative turns out to be a myth.

This device does seem to be what is needed. It does look interesting. Thanks for the tip.

For others that may come across this topic I have found, at least now (2022) that there are newer power banks around that state they are low current device compatible or show “trickle charge” as a feature.

I recently purchased a VRURC Power Bank 20000mAh (appx $40AUD). To compare, a 10000mAh Anker also low current enabled is half capacity & double the price. The VRURC stated it has trickle charge & shows a flyer photo with AirPods.

I can attest that it does indeed charge my Phonak Marvel M30-R H/As on their own no problem.

You just long press the power button to toggle trickle charge mode (last digit of LED revolves) &/or double click power to turn off. Funny enough neither point is mentioned in the user manual though…

Voltaic also has some that will do the job. The meter for charging aids show a draw of about 20mA per aid. Maybe occasional peaks of ~30. When charging most other things I typically see at least 250mA. The battery pack that goes under my phonak case only charges around 260. Besides my phonak gear, I don’t really have much that charges at that low a rate.


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