New OTC hearing aid from Jabra Enhance

Don’t know if you guys noticed that Jabra has released the Enhance Select 500, quite interesting as it’s LE Audio with Auracast, a first I believe, not bad for an OTC!

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Looks a lot like the Nexia 9s and the EP 20s. I am curious what difference there is. Lao, are they locked or can the be programmed with SmartFit software…


As an aside, I lived in Lowell for more than 30 years. I think Jabra has offices in the former Wang Towers.


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As far as I know OTC’s only use an App and not SmartFit which is for “medical devices” (as the manufacturer likes to call them)

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How soon do you think it will be before Costco has a similar model in the pro line?

From past experience, it’s usually within 6 months of a manufacturers release, Costco doesn’t want to offer “yesteryears” models so they’ll be pushing to get ASAP

I just got off the phone from talking to the Jabra Enhance phone number. They confirmed for me that the Jabra Enhance Select 500s are the same thing as the ReSound Nexia 5s.

I wonder if they are adjustable with SmartFit or not.

It makes the Jabra Enhance Pro 20s from Costco, which are the same thing as the ReSound Nexia 9s, that much more of a good value at $1600.

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Good information about these, however the OTC are not programmable with SmartFit, I guess this could change if Costco was to offer the 5’s, it’s funny some people still insist that Jabra are not rebranded ReSound models, I guess we won’t be hearing much more from them!

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